Billy Joel holds one concert in Tokyo


American singer Billy Joel, 59, held a one-night concert at Tokyo Dome on Tuesday. It was his first concert in Japan since 2006.

At the Tuesday concert, Joel sang 23 songs for some 50,000 fans. He told the audience, “Arigato Tokyo. We have only one show here in Japan. Please enjoy it.” He left Japan the same day for Australia for another concert.

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OK, before all the "it not my cup of tea" remarks hit, I'll admit "New York State of Mind" is all right in a sentimental kind of way. It must be aging pop stars week in Tokyo this week, with The Who and now BJ. Looking forward to reading the JT review of this one.

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I saw Bob Dylan at 59 in Fukuoka. It was electrifying. He still sang like a 97-year-old, though.

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its all about pay days

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OK all you young whipper snappers, say what you will. You will and its your right. But whats wrong with an aging rocker travelling and singing his ware, while he still can. Billy Joel, like the Who, and Bob Dylan were not just run of the mill musicians, but politicians, poets, philosophers, psychiatrists, and doctors all rolled into one. Their music was healing medicine for millions of their fans of which I am one. I can't tell how much courage listening to their music when I needed it gave me, but it was HUGE, and I'll forever be grateful for their creative sound just when I needed it. Long live the great musicians. They're all too few of this caliber, and they'll never be forgotten, at least in my life. Speaking of which, that was one of my all time favorites of Mr. Joel "My Life"!

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"Billy Joel holds one concert in Tokyo"

"He left the same day for Australia for another concert"

Gosh, he must really love Japan.

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would have loved to seen that concert ; ;

HK "hehe" re bob dylan

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