Bin Laden movie to premiere in U.S. ahead of election


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The final nail in Romney's campaign coffin?

"Tickets cost $38,5000 each"

I guess it's $38,000.

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Another typo, huh?

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So, are the tickets $385,000 or $38,500? Inquiring minds wanna know!

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Oh geez. Yet another film that is going to make extremists mad. Why do people keep poking the bear. Why is it important to see what went down when taking Bin Laden out?

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Another propaganda film by Hollywood who is run by, Who?

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Hollywood was created by The Elite, to dumbs us down. This so called film is just another way to control your mind and decisions, thus empeding your ability to react or to think freely for that matter. There us no left or right side,it is all a "Show" folks.

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Hollywood weighing in to help Obama with the election. No surprise here, this was fully expected.

One does not have to see the movie to predict how biased it is. 90 minutes of Obama election propaganda.

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There is something wring with the world when we make such events into movies.

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Sorry, wrong, not wring.

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'Obama personally gave the green light for US Navy SEAL commandos to target bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan on May 2, 2011 in a daring night-time raid that killed the al-Qaida leader responsible for the 9/11 attacks.'


There is absolutely no proof whatsoever of this. Osama denied it and Bush could furnish no proof of Bin Laden's wrongdoing whatsoever.

This is a prime example of Hollywood revisionist mind control brainwashing.

Why doesn't Weinstein make a film about the free fall (demolition) collapse of WTC building 7?

That would be a movie......

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Hollywood was created by The Elite, to dumbs us down.

Yes, Juan, and they are apparently succeeding brilliantly.

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I hope this "movie" bombs (no pun intended). Someone's trying to make a buck...

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