Blanchett and Yeoh films top indie Spirit Award nominations

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Michelle Yeoh's "Everything Everywhere All At Once"

Can't believe how much success this movie has had. I just seem to just not get it, when it comes to this movie.

LOVE Michelle Yeoh, and was looking forward to it when I bought the bluray. LOVE all Asian cast films and stories. I have a good collection of them.

Bought the Blu-ray, took it home, eagerly started watching it.

About 45 minutes in, I ejected the disc, threw it in the garbage, and fully expected this to be on a list of WORST movies in the history of existence.

So disappointed, was cheering for it to be good, but throughout the movie I was saying to myself WHAT IN THE LIVING HECK IS GOING ON? WHAT IS THIS MOVIE ABOUT? SOMEBODY'S L.S.D. TRIP?

There was nothing sane as far as a PLOT to grab hold of.

Later I hear how well the movie is doing. Just shake my head.

Just did not get it. Thought it was the worst thing ever, and lamented Michelle Yeoh's career and what this God-awful movie would do to it.


Congratulations for their success, in any case.

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