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Blanchett denies gay past as lesbian movie wows Cannes


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Ridiculous - and so impertinent of people to feel they have the right to ask.

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Despite some progress, she said, “we’re living in deeply conservative times”.

I shudder to think what the Hollywood elite would consider 'progressive times'.

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Asinine in the extreme. Who really cares which way she (or anybody) swings? All that matters is that she is happy in her own skin, nothing else.

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'Ridiculous - and so impertinent of people to feel they have the right to ask.'

Exactly. 'None of your ####### business' is the appropriate reply to that kind of question. I've always been very suspicious of those who are interested in or want to frown upon the sex lives of others. A bit creepy.

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Lesbos was an ancient island in olde Greece. That's all.

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@Danny Bloom also home to Sappho who is said to be the worlds most famous lesbian,not sure about the rest of you all but I love Lesbians!

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Why should she (or ANYONE) be pressured on her private life? Must every celebrity confess to homosexual acts? Is there a twisted Inquisition?

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Vanity sales is down, It sells for beauty parlors. It used to write stories of actress slept with directors, producers to get better roles but stories it writes haven't worked well because movie stars get engaged, married divorced before the next Vanity issue comes out. Beside that, people are more interested in movie stars income and family life and Movie stars take any role. No one was interested or believed. Mr. Spock from space or Adam West is lover of real life Cat Woman story and so Vanity now uses her to sell more Vanity to take away People Magazine customers.

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