Bob Dylan announces first album of new music since 2012


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Dylan, who shuns publicity but still tours the world in small venues, gave no details about when the music for the new album was written and recorded.

When Zimmy released Murder Most Foul, he said something like "here's something we recorded a while back". So I reckon the songs were recorded along with the standards in the middle of the 2010s. MMF and I Contain Multitudes do sound similar to the standards stuff, while False Prophet has more of a foot-stomping Love And Theft vibe. At any rate, I love the three numbers released so far and can't wait for the album.

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"mumble..mumble..talk..mumble mumble"

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@OnTheTrail. You should get those ears to a doctor. That sounds serious.

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Didn't he die during the Vietnam War?

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"mumble..mumble..talk..mumble mumble"

You gotta admit, that's better than mumble...mumble...move yo' ass b****...mumble...mumble...mutha%@&!!

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Didn't he die during the Vietnam War?

I think you might be confusing him with the USA itself

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Dylan and Vietnam are not as closely linked as a lot of other 60s singers.

In the peak Vietnam War years, Dylan was a non-touring recording artist focused on raising a family. There is nothing about the war in 1969s mellow country album Nashville Skyline for example. He had survived a motorcycle accident and some obsessed fans were bugging him, so the family moved around NY, CA, Mexico, even back home to MN for the recording of Blood on the Tracks. By the late 1970s, Bob and Sara had divorced, precipitating his early 1980s three albums of strident religious songs, before returning to topical/secular songwriting.

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Sounds great so far.

‘I’m the last of the best, you can bury the rest’

Setting the record straight.

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