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Bob Dylan's concerts in Japan cancelled


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I've seen old Bobbie in Japan twice, both in fairly small venues and both excellent shows. I feel sorry for those who had tickets this time round.

One person who isn't cancelling shows is Morrissey, who's usually notorious for cancelling.

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Common sense.

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Very unfortunate, But the right call. I was supposed to see Dylan and his son perform back in the states in the 90's. The Wallflowers. But it got cancelled as well due to a massive blizzard. Was scheduled to go see his show (Osaka) got tickets. As it is on my bucket list to see this man at least once in my life.

Seems not meant to be for me.

One head light.


Things have changed. Appropriate for the current sit-rep.


Oh well, maybe next time.

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I’m sitting here with two tickets to the April 9th show at Zepp Namba. Was planning to take my 18 year old son. Really disappointed.

wondering how to get my ¥38000 back.

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@David, We should be able to get a refund. I need to look into that as well.

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@David : Refunds are always done thru point of purchase. If you have questions, there is most certainly a phone number to call on the back of the ticket. Or contact UDO who is the promoter.

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Although I respect his writing and verses, I found him to be a bore at shows, hunched over his guitar and grooving on himself without a decent respect to what the audiences wanted to hear. Sort of like Eric Clapton does.

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BigYenMar. 14 08:36 am JSTDon’t blame him for cancelling. Bob will be 79 years old in May - he would have been at high risk himself.

Best move. He's still in the game and needs to be careful. Same goes for Sir Paul and even the always ever Rolling Stones.

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