‘Glee’ star Naya Rivera found dead in California lake


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Such a tragic reminder, that lakes aren't always as safe as they might appear on the surface..

My thoughts are with Naya's family. And in particular her little boy, who is now without his Mother :(

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Very sad. 

I'm glad the child was found safe, though.

Please wear a life jacket on open water or when swimming alone.

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I consider myself a good swimmer but would never take a 4 year old alone to swim in the middle of a deep lake even with a life jacket.

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Naya Rivera had some special performances on Glee. She was bright, smart, with beauty, humor and grace. It's very sad to hear of her death. Her little boy has lost his mom, from what sounds like she saving him with every ounce of her strength, making sure she got him on to the boat, completely exhausted, as her final act of life.

Many of her co stars are mourning with broken hearts. RIP.

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I'm glad the boy is safe but now he has no mom. This is so sad and tragic, RIP Naya, your life was just beginning.

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So sad.

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You are objectively right.

I have 3 kids and endangering them is not what a parent does. Boy could have died in many ways.

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Sad. Feel for the family. Terrible accident. @Jonathan Prin. I have 3 children also. 2 grown and one still living at home. Everything a parent does/doesn't do potentially puts a child at risk. But to openly berate a parent because they died seems in my humble opinion....messed up in the head.

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