Bon Jovi China gigs cancelled


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Thin skinned authorities. Ridiculous.

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"Chinese officials have been especially sensitive about live concerts since Bjork chanted “Tibet” during her song “Declare Independence” in 2008."

Jeez, China...is there anything your thin-skinned government is not sensitive towards? Your citizens deserve so much better. Anyway, it's your loss; Bon Jovi always puts on a good show, your younger citizens will see them and many other things when they travel overseas and experience freedom which will only highlight how repressive you are and how your repressive nature cannot be blamed on historical injustices.

Stay classy, Chinese gov.

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Bon Jovi must correct their thinking!

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Yes the Chinese government is over-sensitive but I'm getting tired of this using the Dalai Lama by celebrities and singers, most of whom probably know nothing about him or Tibetan or Chinese culture but just think it's cool to associate with him. Reminds me of the time when Sharon Stone was bragging that the Dalai Lama was a close friend and basically saying innocent people, including children and most likely ethnic Tibetans, deserved to die in the major Sichuan earthquake.

Let's face it, most people didn't give a damn about the Dalai Lama or the Tibetans until China started developing during the nineties.

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I wonder how the money back system works in China. Is it confiscated as punishment for contributing to inappropriate assembly?

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celebrities and singers, most of whom probably know nothing about him or Tibetan or Chinese culture but just think it's cool to associate with him

Which makes China's reaction all the more silly looking. The end result is that they build up the pop cult around the Dalai Lama.

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Liberal Bon Jovi has a taste of dictatorship courtesy of shameless communist China. Would there be a new song " Freedom ring in China" by Bon Jovi, or "Going back to campaign for Hillary"?

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I think in some regards NK is more open-minded than China. Bon Jovi can probably hold a concert there.

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I can just see Bon Jovi being the crack in the dam in China and their concert sparking off a revolution.....

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Banning Bon Jovi and Maroon 5 !

whatever you want to say about China it looks like they have got half decent taste in music.

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So much for Living On A Prayer!!

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It's the fans who lose out, unfortunately.

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Is the song "It's My Life" banned in China?

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It's the same old same old China, not surprising at all really.

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State censored music concerts... whatever next

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Maybe they should do a cover of "The East is Red"...

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Chinese soft power at work!

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Any government that bans crap like bon jovi sounds alright in theory. But the reality is that these dinosaur governments such as china, russia, north korea and many others just dig themselves a deeper and deeper grave as long as they try to justify their actions with their outdated ideology. Everything is about money these days and as long as these dinosaurs keep clinging to their stupid ideas about politics and economics then their situation will grow even more tenuous. Dinosaurs run by stupid corrupt men. Hurry up and die.

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Wonder if the Macau show will get tossed out as well.......

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. . . On the other hand, at least Japan allows events such as "Loud Park 2015" Saitama Super Arena 10/10. Featuring bands like Slayer and Megadeth.

Don't think he commies in china would ever allow that to happen. Bon Jovi is a whimp anyways-

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Dear CCP,

You can hide some things from all the people all the time.

You can hide all things from some people some of the time.

But you can't hide all things from all the people all the time.

Your days are numbered and even Bon Jovi will have played its little part in helping this come about.


The Rest of the World

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Maybe they should do a cover of "The East is Red"...

I'm claiming royalties if they do!

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