'Boss' Yuki Amami cheers up Japan with new TV drama


Actress Yuki Amami, 43, participated in a promotional event over the weekend for Fuji TV’s new drama series, “Boss.” Amami, in the leading role, plays a cool, canny and self-assured detective named Eriko Osawa, who, together with a team of other talented detectives, is assigned to investigate violent crimes.

“Japan is going through a very rough time at the moment, but my hopes are that we can all work together in order to overcome this difficult time,” Amami said. “With our new TV series, we hope we can contribute toward everyone’s recovery.”

The “Boss” team also includes popular actor Yutaka Takenouchi and actress Erika Toda. "Boss" starts on Thursday at 10 p.m.

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This whole celebrity 'cheering up Japan' chorus is starting to sound trite. It's mostly just a promotional tool. If my house and livelihood were destroyed by a tsunami, a corny detective drama might (possibly) entertain me, but it sure wouldn't contribute toward my recovery.

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This is good TV drama with great performs I've seen with her talent and casting team. For entertainment, Japanese audiences need this movie and other good movies to cheer them up. Thanks, I will watch this on Thursday.

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She's one of the most beautiful women in the world, she cheers people up everywhere she appears. Plus she can speak English. I heard her say, "English, please!" in a CM for Aeon.

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I loved her in dramas such as Jo-ou no Kyoushitsu, Enka no Jo-ou, and Around 40, but not so much in Boss. Maybe I'm just not too keen on detective shows that deal with violent crimes.

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Sarge just made me laugh. Was she pointing at her own nose when she said, "English please!" ?

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Japanese TV drama just doesn't do it for me. It feels ... overly melodramatic, in a very European way that doesn't seem to mesh well with my North American TV programming brainwashing of my youth.

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Next year she can play the executive of a power company, whose cost-cutting measures contributed to a tragedy when a typhoon struck the power plant... bit more realistic!

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Amami, in the leading role, plays a cool, canny and self-assured detective named Eriko Osawa, who, together with a team of other talented detectives, assigned to investigate violent crimes.

I believe this sentence needs either the be-verb before 'assigned' or everything from 'who' to 'detectives' needs to be deleted.

The director of this TV show is trying very hard to be 'hip' and 'cutting edge' but ends up, in my opinion, to be merely irritating.

For almost every expository scene the director zooms in and then zooms out. In... out... in...out. Ad nauseum. For some scenes he jump cuts from a medium shot of a character to a slightly less medium shot of the same sentence - often this jump cut comes in the middle of a sentence. Jarring.

The director must think this 'fancy' camera work heightens the tension. It doesn't. It distracts from the story. (Is the director trying to imitate the CSI series in the US?)

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