Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie arrive in Tokyo


Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their six children arrived at Haneda airport on Tuesday night. Some 500 fans were there to greet them.

Pitt is here to promote his film "Moneyball," which opens in Japan on Saturday. He and Jolie are the first major movie stars to come to Japan since the March 11 disaster.

They will walk the red carpet at the Japan premiere of "Moneyball" at Tokyo International Forum on Wednesday night.

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Bad movie

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i thought they broke up?.. not this week?.... Adopted anymore Chinese or African kids?

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Those 500 were farmers. They went to the wrong place to protest against Noda.

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How do people find out beforehand when celebrities are coming to the airport? Not that I would ever go, but just curious.

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These 6 kids travel with them all the time? Don't they ever go to school?

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So happy for Brad and Angelina. They're sticking together. Gives people hope about marriage, that it can last. I've heard that MoneyBall is a decent flick. Has a good rating on IMDB

I hope their marriage last till death do they part. Not like some women, Namie Amuro or Kim Kardashian who make a mockery of marriage.

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Please note that Pitt and Jolie are not married.

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"How do people find out beforehand when celebrities are coming to the airport? Not that I would ever go, but just curious."

shempa: Public relations companies use email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to alert potential fans.

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Darrin FloresNOV. 09, 2011 - 09:10AM JST i thought they broke up?.. not this week?.... Adopted anymore Chinese or African kids?

Just wondering what exactly is wrong in adopting underprivileged children from certain countries / continents ? (Only if that what you're trying to depict ) I say good on My Pitt and Ms Jolie!

Their adopting ways might seem strange to many but they have BIG WARM hearts and a huge giving attitude towards the world. I see nothing wrong or selfish with that type of act. Frankly speaking most people can't even match them in their giving ways. My 2C

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Can you imagine traveling with 6 kids!?! (Even with nannies and tutors,... brave couple, I say!)

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Oh my!!! They aren't married? They didn't get married?? Are they scared of marriage? Maybe marriage sucks. Wow, what a pause. Just when I had all this hope for the idea, poof, up in smoke.

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Since this movie is about baseball, it should do well in Japan. But since it focuses on using new techniques to win, rather than simply drilli, drill, drill, and folks in the movie actually don't treat baseball like some kind of religion, one has to wonder if the Japanese will get it.

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Lol Herefornow,

Did you forget to read the unofficial epilogue? A's fans aren't getting it for now they believe his so called success were luck coupled with playing in a weak division.

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Not really sure what made me do this....

But I took a look at wikipedias (Brangelina article) which offers some insight to all those that seem confused about the whole married / divorced / never married deal.

< An advocate for same-sex marriage, Pitt told Esquire in October 2006 that he and Jolie would marry "when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able."[13] He reaffirmed his stance to Parade in August 2009,[14] and again to People in July 2011.[15] In February 2010,

Pitt and Jolie sued British tabloid News of the World for falsely reporting that they were separating, a story that had been widely picked up by credible media outlets.[16] The privacy claim was settled the following July for an undisclosed amount, which was donated to the couple's charity, the Jolie-Pitt Foundation.[17]

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Wow first major stars to come here since the quake. Johnny Depp was here back on March 2 to promote The Tourist. If he had come a week later, maybe he would have gotten the chance to experience the big one himself.

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I would highly recommend this great sports movie for people who can't stand sports movies even though it glorifies baseball a little too much. Its about doing one's best, and beating the odds even when all looks bleak. I love movies and stories like that and it sure had the winning formula of a great baseball movie. Just remember "Moneyball" is a relaxed, gentle film, with the emphasis on character revelations as much as ball game action. It should do very well in Japan since baseball is the most popular sport.

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ima avid fan .. love them so much !

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Angelina Pitt......naw, it wouldn't work

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