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Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie to visit Japan in late July


American actor Brad Pitt, 49, and his partner Angelina Jolie, 38, will visit Japan in late July to promote Pitt's new zombie film “World War Z.” It will be their first visit to Japan since late 2011.

The couple will attend the Japan premiere of the film on July 29.

In the film, Pitt -- who is popularly known in Japan as "Burapi" -- plays a former United Nations investigator searching for the source of the worldwide plague that turns people into athletically inclined zombies that can scale walls and overtake cities in minutes.

The film opens in Japan on Aug 10.

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already seen it and its hasnt got enough zombie killing acting in it for liking, although the zombies are really fast which is a plus.

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cleo: "Com'on, Burapi, get a haircut and a shave and let me swoon"

Or, as Phoebe of Friends said, "Oh, Brad, just take off your shirt already!"

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Still showbiz' golden couple.

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I saw the trailer for that movie and must concede that the special effects are amazing. The zombies swarm frantically over everything, like an army of soldier ants. I felt like reaching for a spray can of insecticide.

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Why does such a good-looking man deliberately make himself look like a mediaeval hobo? Cumon burapi, get a haircut and a shave, and let me swoon.

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Borax: dude, it's the entertainment section.

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Loved this movie for its intense action and super CG. There would most likely be a sequel and I'm still going to watch it. It's not so bloody like most zombie flicks but i still enjoyed it much like 28 days/weeks later. I'll probably watch it again in Japan theaters if Brad will be there.

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I could see putting a story like this in the Headline News if it was the leader of China or Germany or wherever who was going to visit, but Brangelina? Come on, now.

-4 ( +1 / -5 )

THIS is the main reason why movies come late to Japan -- they want the main actors to come, promote the movie, and appear in Tokyo for Q&A, not to mention meet screaming fans who are then more than ever guaranteed to go see the film. It sucks that movies more often than not come late, but it's easy to understand the thought process.

Anyway, also wanted to throw in an "I told you so" to the person who said this movie would bomb, to which I replied that said person may or may not be correct that the movie might be bad, but given the support of the genre as well as fame of Pitt, it would NEVER bomb, and it has not (it IS the most expensive 'zombie' movie to date). I think it was only number two at the box office, but it's still raking in HUGE amounts of money, and as a franchise (WWZ books) there could be any number of movies made.

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oh!!! I better take a few days off because Brad Pitt is coming to Japan... geez!

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He looks like Kid Rock now!

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Well FINALLY, something to look forward to this summer.

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Brad needs a haircut and shave.

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