Brad Pitt details millions spent supporting Jolie and kids


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"paid no meaningful child support"

Another words he paid what was required BUT not what she wanted.

triggered a bitter custody dispute during which Pitt was investigated and cleared of child abuse.

Jolie has proven herself as a confirmed liar, willing to say anything to get her way.

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Buddy of mine got divorced and wife and him made an agreement and split assets. 2 years later, ex-wife I guess realizes money doesn't grow on trees and may have to work hard, now sues him on some grounds or other,,, The divorce laws in the States definitely are sexist and completely out of date. Women can't have it both ways,,, or maybe they can...

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 Women can't have it both ways,,, or maybe they can...

They can in the US. Men are destroyed everyday by divorce in the US.

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These hollywood liberal "artists", and Angie is an excellent example, love to display their virtue and lecture us on their "causes".

Seeing how they behave in their real lives shows their true colours.

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'... has proven herself as a confirmed liar, willing to say anything to get her way.'

It's the New American way. Just look at the leadership the Americans support.

But this has always been the situation in custody battles. It's the only strategy to play...get what you can.

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Child support is not about the number. It is about the date, the regularity, and always the same base amount. It is a fixed amount plus extra.

Men always do power play. They change amount, tick on the ten dollar bills, the school trip, they need to change the weekend... they hate to be put on timetable and alimony is all about timetable (custody too).

And they all do the same, they go on public and lash out the dollars numbers as soon as the woman dare to complain a little. It is to humiliate the ex-wife. This is a classic case of a passive agressive husband and father.

Yes, he does not pay enough. How I know this ? I am good with law and math.

Let's check the numbers :

Pitt Won in 2016 : 31 500 000$

Basic alimony for two children is 20% but since those are big numbers let's say 10 %. for 6 children (lol). So he owes Joly 3 100 000$ alimony per year. He paid 1 800 000$ since 2016, so for two years instead of 6 200 000$

If I remember well, in US, a wife leave the husband with half of his money.

I think Joly is right saying he does not pay her enough, and a loan is not the same as cash. Remember a Bank job is not an alimony unless it is dressed as such.

If she does not owe him interest on the loan, then he may count the loan interest as monthly child support, but not the 7 000 000$ nominal. If she does not have to pay him back every month a cut for the loan, then it can be added to the child support monthly amount. If no document have been dressed, you use the basic bank lawn plan as a guide.

It is very simple, but US lawyer are the kind to play dumb to play hard.

To conclude

For an intelligent judge, Pitt is rat and Joly is an angel that have been abused by a revengeful ex-husband after years of humiliation.

If she can proove, he has been unfaithful, he loose half of everything, then you had the part for the six kids : a quarter cut.

No pity for men whose ancestors have put women into slavery.

My advice

Girls, always go for the money, every dollars counts after the divorce. Trust me. When he is forced on timetable by a judge .... here the truth come out and the true animal shows his teeth.

Pick it all

First, every new trash girlfriend will be put in front newspaper, familly and friends. She is at the opposite of your values to kill your kid good soul and give them you back with broken legs or any illness they never get at your home.

Second, the new mama MarthaStewart, she better at everything you do, because she does not have to raise alone 6 children. Sometime, it is worse, it is his mother.

Third, the kid does not need to go to university anymore. He can work at 18 without a diploma. Strangly after a divorce university diploma don't count anymore. He will pay the kid the alimony, but not to the mom.

Fourth, the wore that never count for him, now he can share it with you as a good friend to feel better about himself; and make you feel a lot worse.

Fifth, every dollars he does not gave you, it will spent in the cool travel arm gifted dad that don't have to be the house military dad anymore - he never was.

Six, the other kids, the one he could not declare while being with you, and the future ones that will replace your children and stole their inheritance. The most you get now, the bigger your kids future will be insure.

Seven, he won't die at 50, and it is a matter of winner the divorce for him. It is man. What do you expect ?

Girls, get over it, and be a true capitalist on this divorce.

And if you are new at this ? Show support with all divorced women in the world because they truly need it. Women don't divorce when she has six children in tow unless it is the bitter and.



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@Nadege: you do know that Jolie is a competent, rich and high earning woman right? I am sure she can manage. Your post is more appropriate for the 1950's when the majority of women did not work full-time or go to college.

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You know Brad Pitt is a competent, rich and high earning man right? I am sure he can manage to pay SIX child support. 

Your post is more appropriate for the 1950's when the majority of men did work full-time or go to college and thought women were money stupid because there were too kind and had no right to ask for child support.

In your country, may be men are not bullying women to pay less child support than the law says, but in mine, they avoid courtroom like a plague.

My comment is just fine because your comment still exist to defend a man not paying child support, because the mother can pay it herself. This is about a father obligation to take care for his children. He has to pay the bills like the mom.

They are both rich. They are both paying. End of the discussion.




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