'Breaking Bad' finale tops ratings and illegal downloads


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And deservedly so. Great ending to one of the best tv-shows. Breaking Bad and Band of Brothers are imo the only 2 shows that had both a sense of fulfillment after the finale but I take suggestions.

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Why should people have to wait three years for the series finale to reach here? You could stream it, but no " not available in your area". Ah! So buy it from iTunes! But wait, not available in your area. Once they stop making it impossible to do anything but illegally download, people will stop illegally downloading.

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While AMC, the cable channel which broadcasts “Breaking Bad,” will be happy with the high ratings, they will be less pleased at the number of people who watched the final episode through illicit means around the world.

AMC is soooo dumb for limiting the show only to the US. I wouldve BOUGHT the last episode if they wouldve made it available right after airing but NO "Cant view this from where you are living". They can complain but they have themselves to blame.

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Not having legal access, in a world of global communication, is terrible. Everywhere I look people are talking about it. And I have to close my eyes and ears so I don't see any spoilers!

The world of entertainment / information knows no borders!

PLEASE, give us all legal access.


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iTunes has it available if you have a US credit card or debit card. There are apparently ways to get a US debit card online from outside of the US.

iTunes is really the only practical way to pay for the content, but it is still a hassle if you don't have a US credit card.

I can't blame people who download illegally or find the networks sympathetic when the networks don't provide access to their content.

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I love the internet. I was watching it just an hour after the airing ended in the US.

I will greatly miss this amazing show!

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Yet again - content not readily available for the mass-audience, so we're forced to go by other means. It's not even available in Japan wtf...

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So sad, the series is finished, now I don't know what to do on my Sundays. But everything in life sooner or later must come to an end and what an end. All the actors deserve the highest praise of giving an A+ performance and especially hats off to Vince Gilligan who, just was born with the gift to write. A show like that comes every 5 years or so. Soprano's was the last for me. There are still many great shows on TV, but without a doubt, it's going to be awhile before someone comes up with a show that can match Breaking Bad.

And yes, I also am wondering why BB is not available in Japan, they have virtually every other show, even Game of Thrones and True Blood, Homeland (another potentially great show) but no BB? Strange.

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Watched the first couple of episodes and while I have (for now) sympathy with Walt and his family, I don't like the show. It leaves me with a bad feeling after watching it. Was the same some years back with 24. I dislike the crime and violence glorifying contemporary, hard-boiled, American crap! Disliking almost all characters except Walt and his family.

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The numbers for all those shows is meaningless, with cable, net streaming, hulu, dvds, digital dnlds (pay), pirated files, etc, who knows how many ppl watch these shows?

Still haven't seen breaking bad. Which of the above formats shall I choose...


I thought the Wire was one of the best put-together shows w/ great actors and writing and story, that I have ever seen. I thought the five years went together well. I also liked Lost's ending, though I know many did not.

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Ya...I bummed that it's over. I don't watch much tv but I do pick a drama or two and watch from start to finish. Like so many others .... I'm wondering what's next. I've sampled many of the other shows on now but, meh..nothing really does it for me. I'm hoping Homeland gets back on track. Season 2 was a bit of a stinker.

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Very,very easy to get iTunes U.S. here. Register your address as Apples Head Office, buy vouchers online and/or ask friends to buy in the States. Unless you want to use iTunes Match you do NOT need a credit or debit card. You don't need a VPN, you will not be blocked with a Japanese IP. @smith: Stop whining about everything. It's really boring.

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Breaking Bad has actually made its way to Japan - the series has been broadcast on Fuji TV Next (a premium cable channel) up to Season 4, and Seasons 1 and 2 are out on DVD. That might not help us much, but just thought I'd throw that out there!

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First 3 seasons of Breaking Bad just bame online at HuluJapan!! (and just when I was going to drop my subscription!)

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Tire right Taj, I don't know what this is all about,,,

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lowly: the best way to watch! DVD's! Definitely must see tv-show. And ill take your choice: The Wire.

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CGBSpender: I dislike the crime and violence glorifying contemporary, hard-boiled, American crap!

The show doesn't glorify crime and violence. If anything it shows you how badly and how quickly both can tear apart your family and your life.

Disliking almost all characters except Walt and his family.

If you liked all the characters except Walt and his family I have to wonder why you'd feel that way after saying you don't like "crime and violence glorifying". Walt is pretty much the cause of most all of the violence and hardly the most admirable character ever. Hank, Marie, Gomez, even Jesse were much more admirable and likable. To each his own, I suppose.

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