Queen guitarist Brian May reveals recent heart attack; says he's good now


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May and Roger Taylor — the remaining members of Queen —

Bassist John Deacon is still alive but no longer performs with Queen; although he is involved in business decisions. This AP sentence makes it sound like Deacon is dead.

More accurately would be: May and Taylor, the remaining active members of Queen, ...

Congratulations to May for surviving and feeling better!

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John Deacon stopped playing after the death of Mercury.

May broke his arse gardening. Then a heart attack.

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On top of ripping his bum muscle? Anita's got a lot of nursing to do.

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borscht Congratulations to May for surviving and feeling better!

Get better and take it easy on yourself. Since you got your PhD in astrophysics the editing staff of Astronomy magazine need and appreciate your editing work.

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Was it a sheer heart attack?

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Reportedly one of the kindest men in the music industry. Godspeed on your recovery!

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The whole reason for me playing the bass was because of John Deacon, the guys timing was insane, quiet, not flashy or wild, but always on point. Totally a groove and I. The pocket bass player, dearly miss him, but I also love Brian, had the chance to play a BM-900 absolutely fun instrument to play, the guy has given the world so much, I know he was sick with cancer and other ailments and I’m just glad the good Doctor is alive and doing well.

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Remover seeing him on the back of one of those VIP golf cart thing when I was transiting in Dubai. Big grin and a kind wave, Congratulations Mr May!

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