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Brian Wilson needs to be put in conservatorship after death of wife, court petition says


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Deeply revered and acclaimed as a member, producer, arranger and chief songwriter of the Beach Boys, Wilson struggled with mental health and substance abuse issues that upended his career in the 1960s.

He met Ledbetter when he was a customer at a car dealership where she was working in the mid-1980s. At the time, Wilson had for years been under the close supervision of psychologist Dr. Eugene Landy.

Ledbetter and others believed Landy was exploiting and mistreating Wilson, and feuded with Landy for years before he was barred in 1992 from any contact with Wilson.

Ledbetter died unexpectedly on Jan. 30, according to a Wilson spokesperson.

“Our five children and I are just in tears. We are lost,” Wilson said on his web site. “Melinda was more than my wife. She was my savior."

Wilson IS California. He influenced psychedelic rock, punk rock and even some bands like the prog YES make good use of harmonizing - another Beach Boys influence. And Beach Boys shows in California draw in fans from all over the musical spectrum. Brian Wilson is an icon there.

I got to see his 'solo' tour in 2019 and he struggled with physical and mental ailments at that show. But he stuck it out and didn't crap out. It was the second gig of his final tour, with dates in 2020. Needless to say Covid put that to a screeching halt, now he'll never get to finish the tour.

Eugene Landy was a charlatan and a rotten bastard crud. Melinda was the yin to his yang. And now he has dementia on top of that.

This is very sad news concerning one of the greatest, most creative, innovative and most influential geniuses in rock.

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A terrible end for anyone's life.

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