British actor Christopher Lee dead at 93


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Legend! Goodnight Mr Lee.

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RIP Sir Christopher. One of the few humans who could scare even us Baltans.

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A good man.

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A fabulous man who had a most interesting life. His autobiography is great. He was a fantastic singer too and released a heavy metal album a few years back.

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Ah, those Hammer Films of youth! Of course in addition to being a son of an Italian contessa I think it worth mentioning that he was a Lee - you know, 1066 and All That... or is that an allusion only the British understand?

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A class act. Even in dross like the Star Wars films he was still a cut above. Ninety three years old with most of it in good health is pretty good. I want to hear that heavy metal album.

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Rip. Greetings to Sir Alec Guineas bothof you were very talented.

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What can you say? The man did it all. My greatest memories of him was as Dracula. To this day, none of these movies IMO can beat Lee. He was a true class act and a gentleman from James Bond to Saruman in LOTR and the Hobbit as well, he was an amazing actor, loved his voice. The man had a great LONG life, what more can you ask for? 93, that's an accomplishment. His family should be proud.

They really don't make them like that anymore and sadly, his generation of great legends are leaving us way too fast. Very sad.

RIP Sir Lee.

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The Wicker Man - Now that was some movie.

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Great Actor, RIP.

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Awesome actor and very, very humble: he never let his fame and fortune and accolades go to his head. I loved watching his Dracula and other horror flicks on television as a child, with his good friend Peter Cushing. When he took the stage and screen as Saruman, I knew that Peter Jackson had a winner, and he did! I can't picture Saruman in my head or in the Lord of the Rings Books as being anyone but Mr. Lee. I was disappointed in how he was underused and didn't have a more prominent position in Star Wars Episodes II and III. Count Dokoo(sp?) could've had as commanding a presence (I felt the same about Darth Maul) --- and maybe even more-so, considering that this is Christopher Lee --- as Darth Vader in Episodes IV~VI.

This is all not to mention that he was also a World War Two hero!

Great actor, great man. Every accolade and award he has won is well deserved. I'd say he'll be missed, but with such a long-lasting legacy, it will be hard to miss him as we can always go back and watch him in his various works. However, he will be missed as a person and as a good and humble man that he was. As bass4funk stated, the kind of man and personality that he was is sadly in short supply these days. My condolences to his family and my prayers for their comfort and peace. GOD rest Christopher Lee...

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with any luck some of his Dracula roles rubbed off on him and he will rise again.....

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Legend. As bad as the star wars prequels were (at least in my opinion), they became enjoyable when he was appeared.

Great actor and amazingly interesting guy

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What a loss. Mr. Lee was one-of-a-kind. Thank you for all your amazing work.

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In a recent pilgrimage of discovery into some of the finest British classic horrors The Wicker Man is so unnervingly terrifying, strong on suspense, rich on atmosphere, and bestowed with Christopher Lee quite mesmerizing performance as Lord Summerisle 'Come. It is time to keep your appointment with the Wicker Man'.......

Giving me serious collywobbles.....An astonishing and remarkable career..

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Somewhere in London last night there was a very worried night watchman in a mortuary.

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Best Dracula EVER. Will never be replicated

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Here in the USA, there's an advertising campaign for the Mexican-brewed Dos Equis beer using the tagline The Most Interesting Man in the World. Christopher Lee is one of the few people who can actually live up to that tagline quite literally.

Though he truly lived a full life (and then some!), we will mourn his passing.

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As a kid, I used to enjoy those classic Hammer films - scared me to death though. Never knew he was in Star Wars - lost all interest when they introduced those Sesame Street characters. But I did enjoy his Three-Tit Scaramanga character. Never knew he was half-Italian either but it seems he was proficient in many languages. Hope he's having a good time with his pals Price and Cushing up there. I had thought he'd live all the way up to 100.

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Great post, Bass. Christopher Lee was the best Dracula. Also, what a great partnership he had with Peter Cushing in all those old movies. One of the world's finest actors. RIP, Sir Lee.

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