British band One Direction tops MTV video awards


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Gotta hand it to Simon Cowell for knowing what will sell! I remember watching the X Factor and thinking week after week, why are these boys still in?

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I agree with Samantha Ueno. Were it not for Simon Cowell's knowledge of the music industry this boy band would never have made it--nor would have the members of the band ever succeeded individually because they are, at the very best, mediocre. One wonders how much music talent a person needs to have nowadays to succeed or whether it all boils down to who you know in the music business. After all, look at The Spice Girls ... Regards to you all.

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MTV ceased to be relevant when they began airing Total Request Live back in the 90s. The music industry itself has been irrelevant since the onset of file sharing. Cowell may know the industry, but those of us who know music will be in the front row at a Borknagar concert. One note from the voices of Vortex and Vintersorg is greater than anything all of the above mentioned artists combined have ever done. Seek and ye shall find, but you won't find it on MTV or coming from Simon Cowell.

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I'm clearly getting old; I have no idea who half these acts are, and I can't name a song from half of the ones I have have heard of.

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OMG I had never heard of this brit babies, but BOY do they SUCK, its like j-pop is being made in the UK awful utter crap!

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