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British comedian and TV star Paul O'Grady dies at 67


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RIP Paul. What a legend.

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A total hero and a very funny man (and woman). RIP

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Had no idea he'd made it on to TV!

I used to go and see Lily at the Elephant and Castle in the '80s. Razor sharp wit.

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a tart-tongued Liverpudlian drag queen

A nice description. I read he was once performing at a gay establishment that was raided by the police in the early days of the AIDS scare. The police were wearing rubber gloves in fear of contamination. "Are you here to do the washing up," he asked.

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A genuine man who used his fame for all the right purposes, always spoke his mind, never afraid to stand up for what he believed in. The world is a poorer place today without him.

RIP Mr O'Grady.

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Paul O'Grady was a fun guy whose loyalty to his Liverpool roots and his cheeky Liverpudlian sense of humor ensured he kept his feet on the ground for all his fame, keeping the flag of decency flying for the LGBTQ community and working-class people. His sudden demise is a sad loss for the country. RIP.

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I was stunned by the news. Very funny as Lily Savage, often watched his Tv show and rarely missed his Sunday radio2 programme until some Tarquin at the beeb messed around with it and he and his producer both told them where they could put their changes! Weirdly the day before we had discovered he was starting a new programme on Boom radio so had programmed it in only to wake up to the news he had died.

His work for Battersea was a real labour of love.

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Lilly Savage was hilarious.

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Used to really enjoy watching his show about him helping to find a new home for dogs, seemed a genuinely warm-hearted person and this is sad news.

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What a crying shame, was an overall good egg by all accounts.

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