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British rocker Pete Doherty arrested again in Paris


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better to burn out than fade away....;-)

I give a thumbs up everytime my son pirate music with his mates...because I know it helps rockers kick their habits lol

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What is kind of cute and lovable in one's 20s becomes just sad and obnoxious in middle age.

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Never bought into the whole Pete Doherty/Libertines hype. Saw him perform with Elton John and wasn't particularly impressed.

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Hardly news, hackneyed behaviour, he brought it on him self so no sympathy, goal him like any other miscreant. May be the loss of his tour and income will act as a wake up call, probably not.

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This man is evil, he introduces hard drugs to his dares and people have a way of dying around him. RIP Amy Winehouse

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