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British stars complain about Trump's use of their music


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Here comes the Sun is very optimistic, refreshing and calming. I am a big fan of this song. It is treasurable and memorable as Beatles collection.Trump should stop copying other people good speech, good song and good work. He should use his creativity and talent for energizing his supporters.

Potential President of USA should respect the intellectual property rights.

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As a musician, I don't think what these musicians are saying is wrong, they do have a point. Whether its Trump or any other political candidate. It's quite simple, if you are going to use a musicians song, call their agent, tell them why and for what reason or how the sone will be used, get an approval and then you should be ok. Anything else would be considered a NON-authorization use of the artists work and you are setting yourself up for a potential lawsuit and that will be timely and very costly and the more money you have, the bigger the damages and payout to the person that was violated, in this case, the artist.

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Trump should stick to the inspiring, uniting and beautiful music of right-wing musicians.

There must be so many world famous hits to choose from.

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the inspiring, uniting and beautiful music of right-wing musicians.

Ted Nugent's Wang Dang Sweet Poontang is a stirring expression of conservative family values.

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Stirring expression of family values? Uncle Ted is hardly a man who represents conservative family values. Just like Robert Smith doesn't represent all looney Liberal depressed progressive values.

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Ted Nugent's Wang Dang Sweet Poontang is a stirring expression of conservative family values.

Don't confuse conservatives with Republicans. Two completely different things.

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I stand corrected. Bad joke.

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For Trump, I suggest something by Wagner, or more recent ditties like the Horst Wessel Lied, or Wir Farhen Gegen England?

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So then, musicians have the right to restrict the airplay of the music to only those who agree with their political inclinations? Or WRNC can't air music by_____, but WDNC can? What a farce!

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The Rolling Stones have objected too. I don't blame musicians for not wanting their music politicised, especially by someone like Trump.

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It was probably Trump's wife's decision to plagiarize the music too

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