Britney Spears' father removed as her guardian


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FInally the vampire is gone!

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How it was possible in the first place is beyond me for a free country. It was like legalized slavery.

The court might have drawn the line at personally beating her but it was absolutely legalized indentured servitude they allowed to be perpetuated for 13 - and counting - years. Everyone involved is guilty of violating her civil rights.

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Britney Spears is not the only person to suffer conservatorship. The outcome of this case could affect other cases.

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Good riddance to bad rubbish. This whole debacle was unethical and it infringed upon Britney's civil rights.

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If Mr. Zabel does not have the experience to be a temporary conservator, I am available and my trustee fees are a very reasonable percentage of total assets managed. Ms. Spears, I am here for you!

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