Britney Spears begins two-year Las Vegas gamble


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She is not first or only one singer who lip synched in Vegas Blvd area. Planet H does not charge too much. It is near Caesars and I believe it was acquired by Caesars Palace (nearby on Vegas Blvd, Somew other places charge more than $200 and you can see singers sing while dancing like acrobat. Plenty of back up dancers-both men and females. But don;t sit on front seat. Sometimes, performers fall on your head. As long as she just lip synch, she will be safe. .

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Surely, if you pay to see a singer, she should sing? Tom Jones is still filling stadia.

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I thought whe has some kind of throat problem inside of her mouth. Hope she gest care by specialist..

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Britney who?

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All Hail the Mediocracy!

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I heard ticketS were between $67 -$194 to watch her lip synch

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Let's hope the vocal and backing tracks don't get iced up or have trouble, as happened with Katy Perry the other night, leading her to restart one of her 'performances'...

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Lip syching, what a joke.

Looking at videos of her performance, looks like she can't even move/dance properly either.

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