Britney Spears says she doesn't know whether she'll ever perform again


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Take as much time as you like, Britney. It’s been made clear: “Leave Britney Alone!” ; 0

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Shes 39, jees, where does time go? I think most people would love to be in the lime light and have a very sucsessfull carear, but that sucsess can be a poisoned chalice, she can just go to the shops for a bit of shopping as she will get mobbed, she cant go to the pub and have a drink or a meal without being mobbed, she will have to be shaparoned by body guards all of the time, the fear of just going to the toilet and having a paparatzi climbing over the cubic just to get a photo. i would say that 99% of people would have a break down at some point. And then she has "management issues" shall we say, I do feel sorry for her.

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While I feel for her, I am OK if she never takes the stage again. We already have plenty of recorded materials to tide us over.

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Geez people. Let a studio engineer alter your voice for a recording. Get out on stage and lip-sync. Gyrate your body for all the jerks and pervs who like style without substance. Sex appeal is everything, not talent.

Bye bye, Brit. Ain't nobody gonna wanna remember you in 30 years. You've had your turn in the limelight generating phony news for the paparazzi hounds looking to highlight all the airheaded things that you do, too many to list here.

Be gone.

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