Broadway actor Nick Cordero dies from coronavirus complications


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Very sad to hear he lost his fight with coronavirus. He was an extremely well known stage actor in NYC, that's why people care.

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did All those health setbacks come about as a result of corona virus ? They seem quite severe to be symptoms of the disease

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According to the reports, Nick Cordero had no underlying health conditions. If that's true, then his case underlines the fact that Covid-19 can take anybody down - even though as a 41 year-old stage actor he was pretty young, and, you'd think, pretty fit. Leaves behind a wife and one year-old baby, a tragedy.

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Cordero entered the emergency room on March 30 and had a succession of health setbacks, including mini-strokes, blood clots, septis infections, a tracheostomy and a temporary pacemaker implanted. He had been on a ventilator and unconscious and had his right leg amputated. A double lung transplant was being explored.

Still think it's no biggie if you get this? Close down Tokyo's entertainment districts.

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He had no underlying illness? This is a game changer. Now I am a lot more confused. Does anyone think we are not being told the truth now?

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did All those health setbacks come about as a result of corona virus ? They seem quite severe to be symptoms of the disease

It's a series of one thing led to another.

Cordero's reaction to Covid-19 was so severe he had to be put on medically-induced coma while on ventilator, dialysis, and a specialized heart-lung bypass machine.

Then a blood clot (another thing Covid-19 increases the chances of developing) in his right leg that ultimately led to the leg being amputated.

He also endured brief heart stoppage, minor heart attacks, sepsis, and a tracheotomy.

His body was just so much weakened. RIP

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thanks for that informative reply

RIP indeed

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