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Bruce Willis diagnosed with dementia: family


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Good luck,Bruce.

A very good actor.

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I hope he is in peace. I can not imagine what his family is going through.

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That’s a shame. For his family and other families in the same situation must be incredibly difficult.

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The family asked the media for privacy and concentrate on dementia than Willis. Difficult for all families who have members with dementia.

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It is a vile illness that steals the very person and inflicts dreadful distress on their family and friends as the person they knew slowly disappears before their eyes.

RIP Bruce, even though your body still lives, you have given pleasure to many with your performances. We will remember you as you were.

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My grandfather had dementia the last 3 years of his life, it is a horrible disease, especially for the family. I hope a cure will be found in the future.

Loved Bruce Willis, I will watch some of his movies this weekend.

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I'd read that this has been going on for years. He'd show up on set with not a clue as to what was going on, even why he was there. I got hooked on the man via Moonlighting while in college. Many episodes are available on Youtube. He was wicked funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtcwd9WpUAE&list=PL4TtQ5WUqAm-VFQtDBufOoCjVuHMWDFaH

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Poor guy, but it's very hard on the family as well.

I always thought his stint on Friends as Rachel's somewhat aloof BF and father of Ross's much younger GF was some of his best work.

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One of the causes of dementia has been shown to be head trauma.Mr Willis had been involved in boxing before his acting days

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He’s not Bruce Willis anymore… but he gave countless of precious memories and moments to millions of people around the world and that will never be erased(!)…; take it easy, buddy.

And to the family: be strong…; these last few years won’t be easy, so be strong and be kind to him…, there’s still many moments to be cherished…; my late grandpa had dementia so I know that this family is gonna go through some rough times.


Another of his best-known roles was as the dead person that child actor Haley Joel Osment could see in "The Sixth Sense."

imho, this part of the article is unnecessary…; there’s still many people that didn’t watch The Sixth Sense.

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Sad news, and yet still sports involving serious blows to the head are promoted to kids and sold as mass entertainment - And that includes rugby, football, boxing, MMA, etc. Unbelievable.

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He’s not Bruce Willis anymore…

He still is. If you mean he behaves differently, it only means he behaves differently, but he IS the same man.

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One of my favorite actors! Wish him and his family all the best!

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Very sad to hear it,Bruce Willis was not only the tough guy in films like Diehard but he was able to make us laugh in comedies.

A very versatile and brilliant actor,and it is such a shame that at his still relatively young age he must go through this ordeal,and of course this is going to be hard for his family as well.

I wish him a peaceful stay and receive love from his family and friends.

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So sad.

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My father passed away from Alzheimer's years ago. It is an awful disease and to witness someone you love go through it is very difficult and sad. His family has a long tough road ahead and I'm sure they have the means to get the best care for him, but as we all know their is no cure unfortunately. We enter this world as helpless fragile little babies and that unfortunately is exactly how it ends with someone diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Prayers for his family!

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Live life to the fullest, people !

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There is absolutely no irrefutable proof however that boxing had anything to do with it.

There never can be "absolute proof" that boxing contributed to it, but the statistics suggest it was a contributing factor - rates of dementia among those who get head damage in their career are so much higher (boxers, soccer players, American footballers), that it either caused or accelerated the disease.

The argument you used, intentionally or otherwise, was used by the tobacco industry in early court cases - "as a leading cancer expert you are unable to determine with absolute certainty that the complainant's lung cancer was caused by smoking."

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AnonymousToday  11:32 am JST

He’s not Bruce Willis anymore…

“ He still is. If you mean he behaves differently, it only means he behaves differently, but he IS the same man. “

HakmanToday  05:21 pm JST

He’s not Bruce Willis anymore

“ Yes, he is.

A person is who he or she is -- not what he or she does. “


The Bruce Willis that everyone knows is fading away but of course, he’s still Bruce Willis…, the man, the person that we all love is going to be there until his last breath…; and even after his passing, we’re going to remember him. (I apologize for my poor choice of words.)

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Dementia is a very very hard one for the whole family.

Sad news

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Thank you Bruce for all the years that you entertained us with your awesome movies. I was really looking forward to Red 3 but unfortunately it won’t happen. We will always have Die Hard though! Millions if not billions of fans are praying for you and your family.

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It feels like another part of the Golden Era of Hollywood is fading. He is still Bruce Willis, of course. We are not simply our bodies but are body and soul. His mind/soul is the driver in a car that is breaking down. The driver is still there though he losing the ability to fully control his vehicle.

We all have a non-physical something that sustains its identity through time even though the physical body we possess, and use, changes. We will see Bruce whole again one day if he has placed his faith in the Lord. Until then, KTF!

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I have knocked my head and seen stars. Many times in my life. I tried to look up the data on these types of injuries and for me, I couldn’t find much. I’ve played little league American football, soccer, skiing, car accidents, fights. Had my share of head knocks. I’m 63 and still cognizant.

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