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BTS absence hurting global K-pop growth: HYBE chairman


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Conscription is a terrible plan, militarily and economically. It's usually the preserve of dictatorships hoping to brutalise young men into doing what they are told.

Military commanders are not big fans of conscripts, considering them to be little more than cannon fodder. For anyone with a professional career it is a disaster. US militia groups, offering P/T or W/E training to those who want it, are more effective.

In the case of BTS, the impact on the national economy was always going to massively outweigh the military benefit of having half a dozen singers paper shuffling at their local police station or whatever they have been tasked with. It is one of those cases - of many that we have seen over the last few years, where government decision making has been awful.

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I am just a casual kpop fans but it is widely reported that girl groups dominated the K-pop world in 2022. From brand new groups like NewJeans, Le Sserafim and IVE etc.

Kpop is doing fine with or without BTS.

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All good things go POP! and all good things come to an end nothing is forever!

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@yoshisan88 "Widely reported" huh . . . WHERE??? WHO??? Please, provide links to backup your claims! I'll wait . . .

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kaimycahlMar. 16  11:35 pm JST

All good things go POP! and all good things come to an end nothing is forever!

When Nirvana imploded grunge continued on but there were some really crappy grunge bands coming to the fore afterward, like Bush, Silverchair and Creed (CRUD).. Then the fickle masses got seduced by the stupid Spice Girls. Everything changes, trends come and go. Remember Disco Demolition Night in 1979?

The stuff that truly matters will be forever for all of us - Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Stones, Rush, Kraftwerk, George Clinton. The influences are everlasting.

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