BTS break sparks debate on activism, military exemptions


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Nobody cares here.

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The country’s lack of an anti-discrimination law has led to unfair treatment against women and foreigners, among others.

I'm a fan of BTS and have often wondered about this, too. (And been a bit disappointed.) This article definitely helps to clarify why they haven't spoken on the issues, though.

And socrateos, I think you'll find that the BTS fanbase in Japan is massive. So yes, there are many here who care.

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this is very important information. this has a huge bearing on my life. how can i work and feed my kids if BTS isnt shaking their butts on tv?

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I for one appreciate the break.

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what a "news of the day" thank you million times,now i can die fully informed... :)

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The country has national service, so, participate (whether or not you like it) that's the rule (whether or not you like it)

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Koreans sports personnel have been exempted, as their achievements were for the country.

BTS' achievements have been to fill their pockets and the pockets of Hybe's executives and stockholders.

Side note: Hybe's stock has also fallen as a result of the company continuing to defend a girl (of their most recent debuted group) who has a past of severe school bullying and the company are even going as far as threatening to sue the victims of the school bullying. Their reputation among the Korean public is very low right now and is continuing to damage the company's stock.

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Thought the segue from military conscription (draft) for males only to anti-discrimination would be to equality–making women required to be drafted as well, or repeal altogether.

In either case, BTS and other males wouldn't have such an issue, if they didn't force men to have buzz cuts in the military. #Letthemkeeptheirhair

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