BTS is the first K-pop group to top charts in the US and Britain Photo: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/AFP/File

BTS K-pop star investigated over car crash

By Frazer Harrison

K-pop megastar and BTS member Jungkook is being investigated over a car accident involving a violation of traffic law on his part, South Korean officials said Monday.

The singer's vehicle hit a taxi in Seoul on Saturday, and both he and the cab driver have since been treated for minor injuries, according to police in the capital.

An official from the National Police Agency told AFP that the star was sober when the accident took place.

"The investigation is still ongoing and we are trying to find out if both parties are mutually at fault," they said.

The accident happened just days after BTS held the finale of a lucrative world tour in Seoul.

BTS is the first K-pop group to top charts in the U.S. and Britain, having performed a string of sold-out shows in Los Angeles, Paris, and London's Wembley Stadium.

The floppy-haired musicians, all in their 20s and often sporting earrings and lipstick, appeal to a generation that feels comfortable with gender fluidity and social media, among others.

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Wait. Hol' up.

They wearing lipsticks!?

So not only they wear make up, go through plastic surgeries, they also...


I'mma stick with my J-music, honto arigato.

5 ( +8 / -3 )

He was probably putting on his lipstick and took his eyes off the road for a moment

4 ( +6 / -2 )

I'm amazed that a megastar like him does his own driving, and also that this wasn't quickly and quietly paid off and swept under the rug.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

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