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BTS, Korean pop titans who conquered the West

By Charlotte MASON

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Its normal to sample they do sample tunes but they write their own lyrics and make it there's and I LOVE THAT!! I don't mind it at all because it's still their lyrics and they do give credit to the original and they make it fun to listen to. some examples are: Get your freak on by missy Elliot and mic drop... El chapo and Jhopes 1 verse... Born sinner and born singer. ..Aerosol Can and Do You... It's a man's man's man's world and August D... Frantic from OLDBOY OST and BTS N.O... Dead roses Vs BTS dead leaves... Am i Wrong by Keb'mo' Vs BTS Am I Wrong... Strangers by SFB and cypher pt4... Mistletoe by BTS Vs Jason Mraz I'm Yours.. They are amazing and I know it may sound bias because I'm a major fan girl but they change it up remix it or use different sounds to sample the tune and over layer it with others which is fine and smart in my opinion and they write their own lyrics.

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When Kpop is mentioned, Most of the Any Rock genre listeners boast what they listen to real bands and give the funny names But Kpop listeners don't really care about what u listen or what is real talent.

For them, it's Kpop! Not your childish comments when u're already adult to know that u are wasting your time writing negative comments on different genre.

They have huge supporters not afraid share and buy the items and tickets but Your rock is hiding in the corner. Do not insult other music genres. You won't get anything.

Also, most of u might listen to those oldies rocks and jazz stuff and feel so superior but then your teen child is over the moon for the Kpop u hate or dislike so much. Then guess what!, you'll eventually have to go to their concerts and even awkwardly dance with your teen kids and say 'it's one of the best moment of my life'.

This is from me who listen to Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, The Birthday, Flower Travellin' Band, Drop's, Ogre You Ash..., Guckkasten and also BTS.

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Most of the above commenters recognize that actually they are popular TO SOME EXTENT but don't think they are so popular as become rank 1st and feel something unnatura l


And yet there's no way in hades jpop will ever rise or even pretend to rise to these stratospheric levels. Keep the crows coming.

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Lol, BTS was just in NYC last month, and hundreds of fans camped out at Central Park for a week ahead just to get in the concert

BTS fans line up by Central Park days ahead of Korean group’s ‘Good Morning America’ concert



It's like fans at the Apple Store for the new iPhone, lol

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Wallace Fred Today 07:06 am JST

Like I mentioned earlier, the negatively and jealousy just adds to the meteoric rise of these guys. Keep em coming.


Most of the above commenters recognize that actually they are popular TO SOME EXTENT but don't think they are so popular as become rank 1st and feel something unnatural. Specifically speaking, they suspect there have been some systematic manipulations on the internet voting and their popularity is inflated so much.

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Like I mentioned earlier, the negatively and jealousy just adds to the meteoric rise of these guys. Keep em coming.

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Behold the extremely talented... plastic surgeons that made all this possible.

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I never knew that hair dye could be so colorful and varied....

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At first sight I thought they were all brothers each other because they do have all the same face.

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Don’t say anything bad about bts or you’ll be downvoted.

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These guys’ best song is “A hard day’s night.”

Hands down.

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I know nothing about these skinny guys but there are many superb Korean singers.

They really don't have to conquer the world if keep shaking the souls of those who love listening to them

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Honestly, pop music is just a big beauty contest - the actual music is secondary to being young and attractive or charismatic in some way. It was the same for the Beatles. There may or may not be good music involved.

What I have heard from this band sounds pretty derivative and forgettable, but maybe some people will remember it

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Stereotyping ARMYs as teens or pre teens in the article only shows that the writer lacks the initiative to do proper research. Im 39, married with children, working as expat and a proud ARMY and a lot of ARMYs that I know are even older than I am.

I dont see BTS as cute/handsome/eye candy, I see them as an inspiration cause I have seen them from 2013-to present. I see them as human with hopes and dreams, who gets scared about their future and now enjoying the fruits of their hard work.

They are loving their selves. They become happy because of their self acceptance and they are becoming rich while doing what they love to do, while you are here busy bashing them.

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continued from my previous comment: the Beatles said they couldn't even hear themselves play T
5 ( +9 / -4 )

Anyone who dismisses BTS and their cultural impact on the basis of the 'boy band' label, and it's immediate negative associations of pre-teen pop music, need to do more research. Some people consider the Beatles as the first ever boy band on the basis of their screaming teenage fangirls (the Beatles said tjeu

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BTS are known for writing their own music. It's a source of pride for many of their fans who consider them superior to, or even separate from, other mass produced idol groups.

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This is what a young man looks like in 2019, i weep for the future.

well when you don't have a masculine/macho qualities then it sometimes easier to try the polar opposite. bit like herbivorous men.

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Yes, they do write thier songs.

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There are writers at Big Hit and they also contract out to other producers, but the members of BTS are also involved with the writing, production, lyrics, etc. They are not just singers, rappers, dancers.

And anyone who would question their talent is obviously devoid of any common sense. You don't need to be a fan, but they spent years training before ever debuting. Even now, with their massive tour schedule, media appearances and recording, the practicing and preparing never stops.

As for faux hype, try reading. Their international stadium tours are sold out for multiple dates even in countries they've never played.

You people really show your age.

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I feel old. I'm just not interested in the boy bands or their music anymore. You live long enough and it all sounds and looks the same. The K-Pop girl groups? Well I sort of listen but they are really easy on the eyes (nice to look at). I know, I'll probably get downvoted for that comment or the moderator from JapanToday will nail me so I apologize.

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I have to say that no matter which continent Boy/Girl bands emerge or hatch from, the UK has a long history producing the odd troupe of rather camp dancing dandy boys, they all cater for a predominantly pre-teenage audience.

Mothers collect of vinyl/cassettes/CD span's close to thirty odd years. From more than twelve countries, Still proudly displays photos of her dolled up in tartan Bay City Rollers attire, preposterously wide high-waisters and ludicrous elevated platform shoes.

I am much more attracted to the 1970 glam rock bands. Mott the Hoople, Roxy Music etc

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Its also the Bangkok Subway .BTS

-6 ( +5 / -11 )

BTS conquers west? BTS? Sounds more like BS.

-2 ( +10 / -12 )

This is what a young man looks like in 2019, i weep for the future.

-2 ( +11 / -13 )

Theses idol boy bands are difficult to tell apart, not taking anything away from BTS success, in may cases they look and sound alike. The issues surrounding the carousel business model that favours the vulture like talent agencies whilst rewarding the band members a pittance remains.

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