BTS rekindle debate about military service in South Korea

By Hyonhee Shin and Yeni Seo

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I am sure it is very stressful for feminine boys to go in to macho army for 2 years....

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I am sure it is very stressful for feminine boys to go in to macho army for 2 years....

You may think they are feminine because they don't stick to your idea what a "real man" should look like, but let's not kid ourselves, these guys spend a lot of time working (practicing, performing, interviews, etc.). Their agencies don't allow them to sit on their butts limiting revenue. These guys get pushed hard. I think a lot of "real men" would crack under the workload they have.

As for "feminine boys" they no doubt have had more, let's call it "successful encounters of an inter-human nature" than you, me and ten of our mates combined.

So if we look at traditional attributes of masculinity, things like "bringing in the dough" and "getting it on" these feminine boys as you call them are outperforming the overwhelming majority of traditional masculine guys.

I don't like popmusic and never seen a BTS clip in my life, but lets not pretend that they aren't "real men".

7 ( +16 / -9 )

I am sure it is very stressful for feminine boys to go in to macho army for 2 years....

Hi Paul. Your toxic masculinity is showing. While not a fan of BTS, these men have worked their butts off making music, performing, meeting fans etc. Have you ever had to multiple gigs in multiple cities on a tight schedule? Doubtful.

As for compulsory military service, I'm on the fence about it TBH. If I remember correctly, there around 70~80 countries that have some form of compulsory military service and coming from one of them, I think it does some good. You definitely learn some interesting skills and it helps build character. However, I also do think that exceptions should be given for those who have already contributed to their country, whether that be through combat, cultural ambassadors, research etc.

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Purple,they enjoy being free,they should be willing to defend their freedom,they are only enriching themselves

1 ( +6 / -5 )

People said the same things about Elvis too. And the BTS members may look feminine on stage but they are very fit strong guys and will look just like everyone else with a military haircut. Korea would not be better off without 2 years of BTS working

-8 ( +1 / -9 )

At least Elvis did his military obligation, 2 year's. And that was when he was the world's biggest star. For Korea to change the rules for these guys would be a big mistake.

9 ( +10 / -1 )

They could do way more for SK if they engendered a taste for K Pop in the enslaved populace north of the DMZ.

1 ( +3 / -2 )

Most celebs go even if they are able to skip or get a reduced stint either way. It’s a boon for their career (if their agency isn’t dumb with marketing their return, which many are) it’s seen as being patriotic of course as well as manly. Having that air of returning a man if it were. People who don’t go get a fair amount of flak for it no matter who they are.

Besides, the average K-pop idol has been training since middle school age not just in performance like singing but all kinds of athletics. Male idols are like… the ideal military prospects. Guyliner and glitter on their face while performing for teens aside, I can admit I wouldn’t be able to keep up in the military lol

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

No celeb get out of jail free card here, pick up a gun, sunny jim and stand on post, you have your orders, the enemy is that way.

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If you are going to have conscription to train the population in the face of a looming and real danger on your border then in a democracy there should be no exceptions. In this day and age women should be under the same obligation, and if you think women can’t fight ask the Ukrainians or the Kurds!

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Indeed, buzz cuts all round lads.

Sergeant Major........"Holy Jesus! What is that? What the hell is that?! hanging off the sides of your ears? sunglasses sir"........

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Their pampered baby white skin will never be the same after 2 years of crawling through mud and dirt in all weather conditions. Blisters on those baby hands and burned face skin NO NO NO that is too much for these sissies.

5 ( +7 / -2 )

Believe it or not guys, you can talk about how feminine these guys may look but think about it they are softening up the ladies for you!!!

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Maybe someone should inform BTS that their country is still technically at war.

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Korean,that do not want BTS to go in the military, should not expect American too die for them,90 percent of the US service person,do join the army to die fighting for foreigner,we as American do not want them too die for us either

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No makeup and smoothies in the Korean army.

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"BTS has done a job that would take more than 1,000 diplomats to do," he said.

I don't know why, but that sounds pretty sad to me.

But either way, I think it would be better for them to all serve their 2 years together, would be a great show of love to their country.

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Elvis did 1958 to 1960. Didn't harm his career.

Service for his country changed him, made him a man.

Tens of thousands of fans pleaded with to the government and army for the King to be spared, history showed that Elvis would have none of it. Elvis the true patriot fulfilled his duty.

Now if it is good enough for Elvis, BTS stop the snivelling and fall in on that parade ground.

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Which one is Jin?

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