Budweiser seeks removal from 'Flight' film


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Stolichnaya & Bud just SHUT UP!

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Whats with the negs, booz/beer companies ALL promote CONSUMPTION CONSUMPTION of their products, knowing full well some people abuse them...............

But they dont like being show the dark side of BOOZE....................get stuffed I say & I say that as a guy who enjoys a beer & scotch, shochu, but despise hypocrits!

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Stoli is delicious, but who drinks US Bud?

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The folks giving these negs need to chill out & have a good stiff drink!

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...just not at the wheel!

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As long as you do not deface the product or change it in any way, it is fare game. But look out for Disney. They will go after you no matter what, unless you are in North Korea.

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They should use DUFF beer instead and the new logo '' Why drink and drive when you can drink and FLY''

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I couldn't bring myself to drink enough Budweiser to get drunk as it's so awful.

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remove the Budweiser logo from the film

Well do it yourself : remove it from your products and from ads displayed in public places.

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Just say NO!!

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“We would never condone the misuse of our products, and have a long history of promoting responsible drinking and preventing drunk driving,” McCarthy wrote.

What a putz. I highly doubt the film involves condoning alcohol abuse. He's acting like nobody has EVER gotten behind the wheel after multiple rounds of Budweiser products and this film might give someone the idea it's OK to drink Budweiser products and drive.

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