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Busan marks 20th anniversary with 100 best Asian film list


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No mention of Akira Kurosawa?

My favorite East Asian films:

"Ikiru" and "Seven Samurai", by Kurosawa, and "The Burmese Harp", by Kon Ichikawa.

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1glenn: I wouldn't worry about it. He appears in there, with Rashoman as #2 of all times, in fact. His name just isn't mentioned in this article (it was in previous) because it only lists three Japanese, all for top awards; #1 on the list, top animated movie, and oldest. There are another 23 besides, and I have no doubt Kurosawa accounts for a good many of them and easily as Japan's best director of all times.

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Ah, the Japanese and their dislike of Kurosawa. His films just aren't "Japanese enough" because they were so embraced by the International community...

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um.. a link to the actual list might be nice...

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Here's the full list. It's a head-scratcher.


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