Can 'The Force Awakens' become the biggest movie ever?


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Everyone assumed the Phantom Menace was going to be the biggest grossing film of all time .....until they saw it. Hope this one doesn't disappoint like that one did.

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It can probably become the most promoted movie ever with articles such as this.

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Of course... the force is strong with this one!

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You can hype the average human a million times and he will never learn.

All I have seen from this franchise is a steady downhill roll from everything after Return of the Jedi. They can hype it all they want and drag the hype out for over a year if they want to. I am not getting my hopes up. I would sooner allow my hopes to be dashed on a lottery ticket.

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It can probably become the most promoted movie ever with articles such as this.

Plus half of the snacks in Japan seem to have a Star Wars version.

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Friday I stopped by the Toho Cinemas @ Kabukicho to check availability for some Star Wars tickets. They were completely sold out for Friday and Saturday shows already, and I barely got my ticket for Sunday afternoon. If you are planning to catch the movie on opening weekend in Tokyo, I suggest you get your ticket as soon as possible. I doubt that you can can casually walk up to a theater to get a seat on opening weekend, or even possibly the opening week.

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I was having a chat about this last night with a full on Star Wars aficionado and he was saying that they have made a big effort to move away from all the CGI of the last couple and take it back to a much more realistic appearance in proper settings. If the storyline is good and the acting quality, it could be an absolute ball tearer.

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Disney blah blah blah... wai wai! ureshiii! hoshiii!

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Whether it is good or bad, it will set records.

If it's good it will set amazing records.

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My plan is to wait until a bunch of people I trust go see the movie, get their opinion on whether this is an improvement on the Prequels. Not gonna bother unless it is outstanding.

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I think the worry over whether this will be like the prequels is unfounded. You don't think Disney and JJ Abrams went over the criticisms of Episodes 1 through 3 to make sure they didn't make another like that? Mr. Abrams has impressed me with his previous films and I have faith he will do so again this time around.

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If you watch trailer reaction videos on YouTube what's amazing is that Star Wars is watched by all ages and all races. It somehow broke through the demographic barriers. If the movie is decent or better it will shatter all records.

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and all races.

Not sure black people dig it too much.

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Search YouTube for "Star Wars Force Awakens Reaction" and you'll see what I mean.

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