Cannes filmmakers urge France to face up to colonial past

By Jurgen HECKER and Alexandra DEL PERAL

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The pendulum has swung to demanding apology for the sins of the past. Previously colonial adventures were a popular topic for movies, in France as well as UK and elsewhere.

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including a massacre by police of Algerians in Paris in 1961 

By Algerian officers, who were members of an all-Algerian constabulary (the FPA). Most people don't understand the Algerian War.

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Zelensky said so during the opening?

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When you resist looking in the mirror for so long , you'll look bad and ugly, and you'll surely be needing help to break up with that habit.

The filmmakers here are doing just that, helping France to look in the mirror to see how bad and horrible a person or a nation could be while denying nations the right to justice and fairness.

One and half million Algerian had been slaughtered by France's army and settlers, and yet no recognition, no apology and no shame whatsoever.

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Movies can be fun and entertaining or serous and looking at social issues. That's the nature of films

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