Cars vs Autobots: Disney sues Chinese firms in copyright dispute


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Good luck with that one Disney. Western companies have been suing Chinese companies for years over copying of everything from cars to handbags. And, every time those companies have lost their lawsuits. Chinese judges are not exactly known for being unbiased.

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Haha. My first thought was also... Good luck with that one Disney.

And on due reflection, I would point all interested readers to the fact that Disney has pretty well "borrowed" every "property" that it makes bank on.

Let me see. Cinderella, Snow White, Robin Hood, and about 100 other stories and concepts sucked out of the public domain and copyrighted. In fact BECAUSE I believe in the spirit of copyrights, I have no sympathy for Disney in this case.

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6Speed... Disney owns the copyright to the characters, not the story that is from the public domain. How can you "believe in the spirit of copyrights when you cannot see the very obvious similarity between the Chinese rip-off; Autobots (even the title was "borrowed" from the Transformers) and Cars.

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"popular Chinese animations"? Can we grammar?

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I'm more surprised the transformers creator hasn't said anything I mean when I first read this article was confused and looking for decepticons

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In regards to public domain characters, Disney has never attempted to sue others unless there were similarities to story content and/or blatant character appearance similarities.

Regarding Disney/Pixar's Cars (which is not based on public domain characters) & Xiamen Lanhuoyan Film Animation Co.'s The Autobots... The blatant similarities are all too obvious.

As much as Disney is obviously in the right in this particular situation, I don't see China relenting because based on the history of situations like this, China never admits to any wrong-doing ("...at root there is no plagiaristic behaviour...”).

Watching The Autobots, anyone with an ounce of gray matter in their skulls will have no doubts about the blatant lack of originality in the characters in question.

Bottom line... Shame of the "creators" of The Autobot.

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Amazing how Disney has audacity to sue when who knows how much they copied from other country's(i.e Japan) anime/manga contents. What goes around comes around......hope the Chinese teach them a lesson.

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Sorry (not really) for the late response, but... Are you actually implying that two wrongs make a right?

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