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Cartoon dreams: Netflix's Japan anime school targets booming demand

By Harumi OZAWA

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A return to tradition, that's nice to see! And hope they get paid well to do it too!

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Maybe so @Tokyo-m but let’s hope they don’t do to Japanese manga & anime what they did to the West’s comic book industry.

*- @Tokyo-m 7:18am: “American company saves Japanese anime.“ -*

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The surge in interest and the profitability of Japanese anime & manga has surged across a broad demographic of North American readers in recent years. It’s apparently due to great dissatisfaction & disinterest in the anemic artwork & storylines the former, major comic book publishers like Marvel chose to cater to a very select number of readers. Now, independently produced & self-published, “go-fund-me” comic projects, animation & short films are ALL booming as a result. The market for “back issues” of classic storylines has also surged. Film production studios are now competing to get these older properties and bring them to the screen.

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A surge in interest due to the pandemic? Hasn't there always been an interest in Anime? I'm not an anime super fan but I grew up watching Dragon Ball, Rurouni Kenshin and Inuyasha to name a few. Nothing new.

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Funny how what is not mentioned or implied.

More than a few years back Youtube changed their algorithm from video clicks to watch time, meaning longer videos were preferred. This had a knock on effect on animations as they’re naturally shorter and take longer to produce. Youtube was a great platform for allowing independents learn the ropes, build a portfolio, and make some money on the side as they honed their skills.

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If I was younger I would enrol! Definitely a huge boom of the future for Japan.

The best anime artists can make a fortune when they go professional.

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80 percent of in-between work is sent abroad, mainly to China or South Korea

Used to be outsourced overseas due to cheaper labour costs before. Nowadays, reason for outsourcing to these countries is their quality is much better. Japan has a lot of catching up to do.

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Netflix vs Sony (via Crunchyroll/Funimation and Aniplex)

Now that’s battle for supremacy for the ages.

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all this to eventually be paid less than minimum wage!


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No one is being saved, it is just the typical US opportunism that wants to get its claws in anything that can give it more money. Same as Disney pirates..

Had no idea you were part of the business negotiations.

1000 % right !!..

There’s a large segment of people that don’t want to just watch anime only

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