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Cast announced for 'Dr. Stone' stage play

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The internationally popular manga "Dr. Stone" began serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2017 and reached its conclusion in March.

As of April, the total number of copies of the manga, including digital editions, had reached 1.3 million. The manga has gained popularity among a wide range of generations and was adapted into a popular anime series.

But now, we have new details on the latest iteration of the popular franchise, its first foray into theatrical adaptation, titled "Dr. STONE: THE STAGE 〜SCIENCE WORLD〜."

Cast announcement

The role of the main character, Senku Ishigami, will be played by 木津つばさ Tsubasa Kizu, who is known for his roles in the stage productions of "Token Ranbu" and "Ensemble Stars!," while the role of Taiju Oki will be played by 岩城直弥 Naoya Iwashiro, who has appeared in the 3rd season of the musical "The Prince of Tennis" and other productions.


西葉瑞希 Mizuki Saiba plays the role of Yuzuriha Ogawa, 永利優妃 Yume Nagatoshi plays the role of Kohaku, and 田村升吾 Shogo Tamura plays the role of the passionate and intellectually curious Chrome.

長塚拓海 Takumi Nagatsuka plays the role of Kinro, the gatekeeper of Ishigami Village, and 田口司 Tsukasa Taguchi his younger brother, Ginro.

石田結彩 Yuisa Ishida and 三浦あかり Akari Miura will be double-cast as Suika, who wears a melon helmet.

大隅勇太 Yuta Osumi is cast as the magician and mentalist Gen Asagiri and 宇野結也 Yuya Uno will play the role of Tsukasa Shishio, who was known as the "strongest high school primate."

石田隼 Shun Ishida will play the role of Doctaro, a character original to the stage adaptation. You can see him in the upper right of the poster dressed in yellow and wearing a hat.

The play will be performed in Tokyo and Hyogo Prefecture in July. The show will also feature on-stage scientific experiments that parents and kids can enjoy together, so it should be fun for the whole family.

Tokyo: July 9-18, Sunshine Theater

Kobe: July 21-24, AiiA 2.5 Theater Kobe

For more details on the show and to purchase tickets, visit the official website here.

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1 Comment
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I have never liked too much the story, entertaining but too dependent on luck and coincidences to make the protagonists succeed, but being directed mainly to children it is understandable and a good introduction to scientific concepts for them.

Precisely because of its "low tech" setting it must be easier to adapt to a stage play compared with most of other stories in Shonen Jump, at least there is no need to make special effects for flying characters or special energy attacks, etc.

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