CBS announces four-part series of short 'Star Trek' episodes


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Each of the "Short Treks" episodes will reveal clues about the story unfolding on "Star Trek: Discovery," 

I don't get it. Being a die-hard original ST fan, I will never watch the new one. I did give it a chance on Netflix and lasted less than 5 minutes. So why are they rehashing the old series with clues for the new series? Maybe the show isn't doing so well or they're trying to sucker in some of the fans from the original series.

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" Being a die-hard original ST fan, I will never watch the new one"

What a closed minded attitude. The exact opposite attitude that Star Trek itself was created on. Star Trek has been created and written and designed by many different minds. It has changed so much from Gene's original idea. He would have hated DS9. Oh well. Who cares if you are a die hard ST fan. So am I. But before I'm a die-hard ST fan I'm a die hard SF fan. And above that I'm a fan of good stories and characters. ST or not Discovery is a awesome show that got better and better with every episode. The same with the expanse. I have a friend who wouldn't watch the Expanse because he didn't like a single acotor (spoiler he isn't even in the season two and three). The expanse got better and better as well, blossoming into the best SF since new Battlestar. if Discovery keeps getting better it may give the Expanse a run for it's money.

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What a closed minded attitude. 

Maybe you should have kept going to read my next sentence.

Look, I don't watch a LOT of TV shows for one particular reason, there is just too much useless dialog, blah blah I call it, that has nothing to do with the storyline. Going off storyline talking about someone's family problem, kids, on and on, is just a big turnoff for me. The original ST had none of this. LOST still takes honors for this lack of imagination to keep the story going. But I get it, people these days need to feel "connected" to a story, reflecting their own wishes/problems. Very few shows do this.

I did enjoy the Expanse and was really surprised at how good it was. Very little blah blah. I even took my one free month on Netflix to marathon to the finish.

I also just finished watching the Hornblower series. Really liked that. No blah blah.

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The original Star Trek took a while to take off, as did TNG. Discovery has strong characters and is boldly going forward, it's the best since DS9, I reckon. That said, The Expanse is probably the stronger show for now. It might even overtake BSG.

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I liked the original Star Trek and hated all of the sequels until Enterprise.

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Original series ST was the best TV series in history with the possible exception of Three's Company, haha

@FizzBit Have you ever played Fizzbin? The second card is turned up except on Tuesday, haha

@Luddite Ya hated all the sequels until Enterprise?! Including TNG with Picard, Riker, Data, La Forge, Crusher ( Beverly, haha ), Worf, Troi, and, why not, Wesley Crusher?! That was a great series...

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