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CBS suspends Charlie Rose; PBS halts his show following allegations


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Oh hey look they found a way to get Roy Moore into the article

so just in one day we have Rose, John Conyers (Dem congressman), a NY Times writer, Oliver Stone, Russell Simmons and s California Dem state representative, and 4 new Bill Clinton accusers.

What’s going on here?

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‘What’s going on here?’

seems pretty obvious. There is a cultural shift and the male dominated power structure that enabled these sorts of actions for ever is beginning to crack.

i hope it starts in Japan.

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@inkjet: In Japan, A boss is a man, his subordinates are all males. In USA females can work for males.

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Like the statutes, these stalwarts of American daily life are being taken down.

Some people will be angry and some will not comprehend but the days of the entitled predator are numbered.

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Moore's case: Only accusers testimonies are used. Police officers are saying the had instructions on girls events protections., When Judge Moore appear, don't let him go near cheerleaders. It's a small place and. stores in the mall closed door hiding girls inside when he came to Mall. I don't think comparing Rose to NHK announcers in Japan is fair.

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