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CD of World Cup countries' national anthems goes on sale


With the World Cup due to start in Brazil on Thursday and run until July 13, a CD titled “NATIONAL ANTHEMS OF THE WORLD FOR BRAZIL 2014,” has been released by King Records. The CD includes the national anthems of all 32 participating countries.

The anthems are performed by bands from the Japan Self-Defense Forces.

King Records said there is a lot of interest in the various national anthems, especially those of Japan's three opponents in the group phase -- Cote d’Ivoire, Greece and Colombia.

The CD is 62 minutes long and costs ¥1,800.

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Don't expect this to hit the top twenty anytime soon. Probably ranks with a record my brother once owned of the racing commentary of trotting cup finals.

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King Records said there is a lot of interest in the various national anthems, especially those of Japan’s three opponents in the group phase—Cote d’Ivoire, Greece and Colombia.

Nothing like self-promotion...

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Usually the official anthems are not so popular at all, fans find out the fun music now via the Internet. BBC Culture website yesterday had a good selection of unofficial World Cup anthems - Monty Python, Shakira, Vaudeville Smash etc - have a look!

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Sounds like a yawn.

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The Blood-From-a-Stone Award for World Cup songs must go to Eric Idle, who has managed to milk a few more quid out of "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" yet again by bunging a couple of new lines on at the end and releasing it as the unofficial England anthem at $1.29 a pop from iTunes.

"When you're in The World Cup, And all your hopes are up, And everybody wants their team to win. Then they go and let you down, And come slinking back to town, It's time for this daft song to begin."

And some mug'll buy it.

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