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Celebrities back Jennifer Aniston's tabloid takedown


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You couldn't make this stuff up.

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Aniston has made a career by relying on her breasts, now that they are saggy, she has no one to blame but herself.

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Really, I have never really taken note of her breast, well only watched her along time ago in friends

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Wow, I sort of actually agree with Piers Morgan on this one. You should expect a lot less privacy when you're promoting your image so aggressively in public and your entire career is built around your image

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@anotherexpat They did.

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Piers moron is a sleaze. I hate this fascination with celebrity but I am in a minority. some of them thrive on this stuff and they all suffer from the same ridiculous attention and awful braindead commentary on their lives and appearance.

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JA is a hypocrite, I mean she is good looking THATS what got her started & made her $$, just sayin!!

I mean the constant attention of the media helped make her famous & rich ..... & now she has a different take.........oh well!!

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Piers Morgan has no room to criticise as he has been called out on his own hypocrisy quite a few times over the years. Let's face it, his comments are driven from a point of self interest since his career, such that it is, has benefited from just that kind of journalism.

But let's face it. Sleazebags like him only exist because of continued interest from people who get a vicarious pleasure from nosing about in people's private lives. Supply and demand. Who is the bigger sleaze in this case; the purveyor or the consumer?

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Quite frankly haven't really heard much about her or any of the slanering. Thought she wasn't really famous anymore and sort of retired. Paparazzi problems must be awful, but now she must take the consequences for drawing even more attention herself.

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Anorexia and related problems deflect female to female conflicts. What wife would want a perfect 10 living next door ? Paparazzi work to a market. They only photograph stuff that sells.

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Morgan is a scumbag, but he makes a couple of good points about the hypocrisy. Still, the paparazzi are FAR worse, as are the tabloids themselves, then a celebrity posing for photos which meet demands.

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I like the reasoning that because she's a woman who's appeared in media and has done photoshoots to support TV shows and movies she's acted in she must be trading on her looks. Also that her appearance is the sole reason she was in any of those shows and movies in the first place, and therefore she deserves every photo where she's pulling a face or caught halfway in a blink to be printed specifically to make her look foolish. Anything to rip on a woman with visibility, huh, fellas?

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I'm sure Jennifer has a point about the media but it is very hard to feel sorry for her. There are millions of people around the world working two or three jobs just to survive. Has anyone else wondered when this whole Hollywood celebrity fantasy life will come to an end. There are far too many of them, living lives of unimaginable luxury. They seek fame and fortune and then when they achieve it, they complain.

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