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Winnie the Pooh becomes a killer: Where is remix culture going?


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Disney pathetic trash..

As always..

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As always..

Not always, but often.

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They made good films in bad times. They make bad films in good times.

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It will be banned in mainland China. Absolutely.

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"Disney pathetic trash..," what are you talking about? "They made good films in bad times. They make bad films in good times," please explain, I've watched a lot of movies from every era, there were always good ones and bad ones. I think the loss of copyright will make for a lot of cheesy movies and maybe some good ones, I welcome them all.

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This is Japan, copyright is only 70 years here, copyright for most of Disney expired long ago in Japan. You have been able to buy dubbed Japanese legal copies of Disney movies in donki and other stores for 20 years or more.

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Disney can kiss off.

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and STILL making $2 billion while going woke, which the right like to tell us is supposed to make you go broke

Obviously doing something right. I’d guess part of it would have something to do with employing the right people.

Can’t imagine too many cross-eyed morons regurgitating ‘go woke, go broke’ in the higher positions.

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Next up sequel, Pikachu takes on Pooh to save the world

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I've got to say, I am not a fan of this recent trend of taking existing IP in the public domain and re-making / re-imaging / re-doing them. For example:

I just watched a recent TV series. It was set in depression era Los Angeles and was about a down-and-out private investigator. He works for a lawyer who eventually commits suicide and the PI then becomes a lawyer by necessity in order to salvage the case he's working on. (He cheats to pass the bar exam) The PI / lawyer is struggling with his trauma for WWI because he mercy-killed some comrades who were about to die from a poison gas attack which they were too severely wounded to escape. He is also is also an alcoholic, divorced father who is struggling to maintain ownership of his deceased parents' farm. The show features a Black police officer (in 1930's LA - interesting idea) who becomes a PI as well as the PI / lawyer's secretary who is a closeted lesbian (in he 1930's - interesting idea). The name of the show? Perry Mason. It was is "origin story."

I was so disappointed because absolutely nothing in the show had anything to do with Earl Stanley Gardner's Perry Mason books other than the name. In the books, Mason is already a lawyer, is not an alcoholic nor divorced nor a father, and would never, never break the rules. In the show, they actually had him steal evidence! Paul Drake, the police officer, is not Black, and his secretary, Della Street, is not a lesbian, much less a closeted one (DA Hamilton Burger is also not gay and does not help Mason become a lawyer either, like in the series).

If you are going to go through so much trouble and work to create the "origin" story of existing characters and change it so completely, why not just make new characters for a new show? The ideas in the show were great. A mercy-killing WWI vet? Black society in 1930's LA? Closeted gay life in the 1930's? I'd watch that show - if it were called something else. The only people you are going to attract by using the name Perry Mason are Perry Mason fans. And they are going to be turned off because the departure from the source is too radical. That is why the show, which was good, only lasted 16 episodes.

Stop the re-imaging and origins and mash-ups and gender-swaps....just write original stories with original characters.

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Would you mind summarizing your rant in one line. Not a big fan of War and Peace length posts, and I have a short attention span

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The public is the real problem. If tickets aren't sold, then this type of movie isn't made. Don't buy a ticket and encourage others to do the same.

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