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Charlie Hunnam, Dakota Johnson named for '50 Shades' film


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I usually make a point of finishing any book I start but this was one of the exceptions. Utter crap. This actor appears in a lizards v robots movie alongside a model who appears in US sitcoms. This is a recipe for something truly atrocious.

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It will be a smash hit even though it is pretty ordinary as a book (not read all but excerpts were enough) and probabaly going to be some soft porn Hollywood thing - a trend started by Deep Throat.

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B grade story plus B grade actors will make a B Grade movie (with t*ts and a**).

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I enjoyed the audiobook thoroughly.

Except when it read all details of each email...

The ending was unexpected ... I did not enjoy that so it kept me from the second book.


My sons of anarchy hero as Christian Grey? Pffft!!! Afleck as Batman? Double pffft!!!!

Our world is ending

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Our world is ending all right.

This movie will make the Star Wars franchise look like the B-grade 'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.' :-)

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Was a good book to read while on train to kill time, but I don't think I will be at movie theater for this one.

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The author of this article may not know Charlie's work, but the rest of the free world SHOULD. He's never been a B-rated actor, not in one moment of video or film. Heard of Sons of Anarchy? Green Street Hooligans? The British version of Queer As Folk? He has starring roles in each of them, and stellar performances.

It's sad to see such ignorance doing so much active nay-saying. Why would the author and producers know anything about what they're doing? They should have checked with you geniuses, of course!

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Way-aye man! Byker Grove like!

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I tried watching sons of anarchy - just couldn't get into it

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Wish they picked a hotter actress. Dakota Johnson is so... average. Obviously they aren't interested in attracting a male audience. This movie will be like Twilight, a delight for the female viewer while being 2-3 hours of pure torture for their partners.

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Has a good film ever been made from a crap novel? I can think of a few awful films from good novels - Gangs of New York, Breakfast of Champions and The Naked Lunch. I don't think it can be done.

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what's making this more trending (yeah because the books are crap) was the fact that many fans protested for these choices, they actually wanted alexis Bledel (from Sin city) as Anastasia and Matt Bomer (from White collar) as Christian Grey, I tell them please don't ruin their career suggesting that, but fans are fanatical... hehe...

I don't know either of them (haven't watched Pacific Rim yet) but I think poor of them to get into this movie from a book that is so poorly written they're going to be famous but nobody will appreciate their talent.

Having E.L. James so close to the project makes me think that there is no hope in making this drivel of a novel better in the screenplay

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Being is Queer as Folk makes him an a-lister? Nonsense. He has been in some Tv stuff is all - and none of it great.

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