Charlotte Kate Fox goes from 'Massan' to 'Chicago'


Charlotte Kate Fox, 29, who stars as Ellie in the popular NHK drama "Massan," has landed the role of lead character Roxie Hart in the Broadway musical "Chicago."

Her work in "Massan," in which she smoothly adapted into a different cultural setting in Japan, apparently caught the eye of a theater producer in New York, Sports Nippon reported Friday.

"Ellie has become big part of my life and I love her. But you know, as an actor, you can't sort of stay with one character forever. I'm excited for you to come on this new journey with me," Fox said.

"Chicago" will run from Oct 26 to Nov 8 at the Ambassador Theater in New York.

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I'd like to watch Massan after reading the story about Nikka Whisky but they're airing it at the worst time, so only housewives and retired people can watch it. After I saw a photo of the male actor I was shocked! They don't look even remotely like the real couple.

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so only housewives and retired people can watch it.

Hey, I watch it every morning at 8 and I am far from retired or a housewife.

I bet Chicago will get tons of Japanese out there watching it just for her just as the boom for the Nikka Whiskey plant and the location of Anne of Green Gables which was the last drama's topic

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My wife loves Massan but I crack up when "Scottish" Ellie speaks in a broad American accent. Hope you can sing Charlotte Fox 'cause you can't act.

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Surprised by this as it seems it was just several weeks ago that I was reading articles saying Fox was going to remain in Japan and pursue her acting career here when Massan finished.

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@Banz10 I think Charlotte is very good in the role, especially seeing she is acting in a language she does not speak. And maybe you are Scottish but for me who is not, her Scottish accent is fine!!!!!

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I've caught a few episodes. Can't see how they get any whiskey made with all that crying going on.

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The Friday episode ended with Ellie getting arrested and hauled off to the police station. Can anyone who saw the first 14 minutes fill me in about what the trouble she got into was?

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maybe you are Scottish but for me who is not, her Scottish accent is fine!!!!!

No, my name is Scott but I'm definitely not Scottish. I'm presuming you aren't a native speaker of English because if you were you'd realise how embarrassing it is to see the unmistakable Scottish dialect that her character should have be completely butchered by an American actor speaking in her own tongue. Of course the target audience is Japanese and very few would ever know the difference so I'm assuming that's why she doesn't even bother trying to get into true character. My wife still likes her and the story seems interesting (haven't seen much but I went to the Yoichi distillery last summer). However, I'm not convinced of Fox's acting ability, sorry.

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@ CGB Spender

they're airing it at the worst time, so only housewives and retired people can watch it.

The program is rebroadcast on general NHK and BS Premium at various times including weekends and late at night. There are also long and short digest versions broadcast at various times. Details can be found on the program homepage. I also know Many working people who set their TV to record it so they can watch it a time convenient for them. People who really want to watch it manage somehow.

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Charlotte Kate Fox is doing a terrific job in her "Ellie Massan" TV role. I've seen almost every show ... and find her acting, and that of her husband in the role, to be at a very high level.

It's interesting to see the trouble Massan had while trying to create a Japanese-made Scottish whisky. He had to borrow a lot of money ... and, now that WWII is underway in the series, he was saved financially by the Japanese Navy, which is buying his whisky for its members. Because of the war, the Navy is having a difficult buying whisky from Europe, so it has turned to Massan for its supply.

TorafusuTorasan asks above why was she threatened with arrest in Friday's espisode. As this episode takes place during the war, one of her workers turns her in as a foreign spy. In Saturday's espisode, as she is being hauled away by the secret police the Navy once again comes to the rescue. A Navy officer appears on the scene suddenly and orders the secret police to release her. He then bawls out the secret police for suspecting her being a spy. After the secret police leave, the Navy officer tells Ellie and her husband Massan that these certain secret police are rascals and cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.

So going into this coming Monday's episode, Ellie is free to roam about her husband's whisky factory as she pleases.

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Charlotte did well with her part as Ellie in the drama "Massan" and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I congratulate her for getting selected for the lead role in the Broadway Musical "Chicago" and wish her the best as she embarks on her next exciting adventure.

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She has shown a good deal of talent in Massan but Roxie Hart is a horse of a different color! I wish her well in her path & art!

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At first I didn't care for the story nor cast, but Ellie came around from about half way through, and seems like she's very comfortable in her role now. Considering that she doesn't speak Japanese, she's a smart cookie to learn all those lines. Plus she's in a completely foreign environment; I can imagine the hemming and hawing that went on in Japanese, be it that directions are translated for her; but shooting must've gone on till the wee hours of the night. If not anything else, she deserves the 'endurance' award for sticking it out.

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@banz10 Apparently a bonifide Scottish woman feels Charlotte's accent is spot on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqBq0OYMxvY Perhaps by her performance not being too stereo typically Groundskeeper-Willie-ish, you've missed out on her skilled portrayal and hard work.

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i didnt really know charlotte. i watch japanese dramas and movies alot but having foreigners in japanese drama is rare and its great for her to have been maybe one of the first ones to create a career in the japanese film industry. i watched massan and i loved it. i hope charlotte continues in japan and creates more viewrs as japanese movies have good story lines.

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Speaking as an Englander who lived for several years north of the border, I'd give her nine out of ten for the accent. But zero out of ten for " I'm excited for you to come on this new journey with me."

Because it's sick-making.

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