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ChatGPT turns to manga in 'One Piece' author experiment


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The second time around the program was rewarded for producing a storyline in which an alien joins "One Piece" characters and "pirate king" Luffy to fight a witch and rebuild its home star that had been destroyed by an evil spaceship.

"Thank you. I will draw as it is," wrote Oda in response, quipping that his next installation in the saga will be based on the new storyline.

One Piece has been going on for so long it is no surprise Oda is going to Chat GPT for inspiration.

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The end of One Piece approaching..

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It's so long I got tired and dropped out half way. Once the last episode is out, I will restart. WE ARE!

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The dual edged sword of technology. There was a recent story of ChatGBT writing books and putting authors out of business. In the long run, A.I. can't replace the human touch that uses feelings/emotions that are put into words/pictures/art. It will be like reading a newspaper article, bland with just facts/lies.

Here's the other side of the sword, I wish someone could take ChatGBT and tweak it enough to translate Japanese into English so non-Japanese English speakers would have the ability to watch JDramas/Movies and not have to rely upon some independent 'subber' to hopefully subtitle a show. Some have tried using 'Google Translate' but that is horrible and misses the proper translation of words.

In my humble opinion,  Eiichiro Oda should take request for ideas from long time fans as to storylines and direction of One Piece. Every person reaches a point where our creativity begins to lag and a fresh set of eyes/ideas on a common subject/goal often helps.

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