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Cheap Trick looks for Japanese reviewers of 1978 Tokyo concert


American rock band Cheap Trick is looking for four Japanese who wrote concert reviews in 1978 for their album booklet. One of the reviewers has been found and Cheap Trick wishes to invite all of them to a pre-concert event n Tokyo on Wednesday.

According to their agent, Cheap Trick has been looking for the four amateur reviewers -- Yasuhisa Nagashima, Jun Watanabe, Takanari Suzuki and Tomoko Suzuki -- who wrote reviews on the group's concert held in Tokyo in April, 1978. Suzuki, 45, was found, after he directly contacted the agent. The agent says the reviews greatly contributed publicity to the group which became famous in the U.S. after their Japan tour.

Cheap Trick will hold a concert on Thursday and anyone who still has concert ticket stubs of the 1978 concert are also welcome to attend Wednesday's pre-event. The three other reviewers or ticket stub holders can call HIP at 03-5412-7502.

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Cool idea. Good album too:

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Sorry - this messageboard doesn't seem to allow posting URLs that contain underscores. Doesn't matter - you can look up the album.

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Cheap Trick is such a cool band. They still put out great music. Anyone that doesn't already have it should go out and get the latest CD 'ROCKFORD'. It's also nice to see them still show appreciation to the Japanese fans for the career boost Budokan gave them. Keep on Rockin' boys!!

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Ah the Budokan concert. Still gives me chills when I hear the screams of the J-fans. They really dug them. Inspiring.

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My wife saw them at the Budokan when she was in junior high. She's since mellowed and only listens to classical music :-(


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Cheap Trick At Budokan. Yes, a classic rock album that few high school kids in the U.S. could pronounce. What was their biggest hit?

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Budokan is to global rock tours what the Grand Ole Opry is to country music in the US. Cheap Trick made it happen with their album Live at Budokan in 1978. "I want you. To want. Me." (wild screams) Oddly, most Japanese seem unaware of Budokan's impact on the global rock scene.

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That's really cool of them to search out these people again.

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Yes, a classic rock album that few high school kids in the U.S. could pronounce.


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If the tickets are the usual ichi-man-en, the band will live up to its name.

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