China blocks Taiwan film with Japan's colonial rule as theme


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The Chinese government is like a parent who has a gigantic child. The parent feels that in order maintain the position of authority they must control the child's thought process, even at the input level. Yet at the same time they are afraid of the child's tantrums.

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Yeah they're just being way too overcautious. I mean, Memoirs of a Geisha? Some people may be offended by the acting, but offended by the fact that actors are Chinese? Way to overreact.

That's like banning a movie for using curse words because it might offend a portion of the 1% of English speakers in China.

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And if mainlanders want to see it they will just log onto one of many internet sites that have movies on there for free!!

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Duh. There is no such thing as a movie that you can't get in China. This will only stop a small number of people form seeing it. Otherwise if they want to see it, they'll see it.

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Taiwan is a quite versatile society, any kind of thought can find its market here more or less. people here either think himself is complete-Chinese or complete-Taiwanese or Chinese-Taiwanese or Taiwanese-Chinese ...etc. and people either pro-China or pro-US or pro-Japan and at the same time pro-Taiwan of course. But anyhow the society is comparatively stable and mature. So, Hi~ old guys in Beijing: Take it easy!

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