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China box office to dwarf Hollywood, predicts Ang Lee


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Lol prepare for Hollywood to have a lot more China-centric and themed movies then. Or a seperate division of Hollywood that makes movies for China that follow the rules.

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Joking , right . I watched a chinese movie on the airplane . And the only question was in my head ( how such a low-quality film can be on airplane screen). I speak Mandarin , Chinese movie industry will need at least ( common language ) to spread .

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My Chinese friends here in Tokyo are always watching Chinese movies from back home on their keitais. They love these films. Take into consideration that there are about 1.5 billion Chinese over there in China, watching movies can become a really big thing. Ang Lee is right ...

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Hopefully this will promote Asians in film more................oh wait, a Chinese company co-produced a film about a white guy (Matt Damon) in ancient China, so never mind.

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The only Asian country without a big budget right now and still delivering quality flicks is South Korea in my opinion. China and Japan (c)should learn from them.

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You have to ask whether young people, at whom most movies are targeted, and who've grown up watching video on laptops or phones will be willing to spend the money for the theatre experience. You also have to sorry about DRM and the general lack of respect for intellectual property in the Chinese market. While the size of the potential market is a function of the size of the population, monetizing the sales of movie tickets, pay-per-view, etc may be more complicated than it would appear. Prices would also have to be significantly lower than in Japan, the US or Europe.

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I know exactly the films I want to see in theaters and why. Enough hanging out at home. You folks should have seen Tom Hanks' film, A Hologram For The King in theaters. Some of the visual material in Saudia Arabia was like something from another planet. Ang Lee's new film will have sequences in 4k IMAX running at 120 frames a second. It will be an entirely new experience in theaters. I know it's tough for people who can't catch a bus downtown, and who live in real Winter climates... Our Kabucki cinema in San Francisco charges 6 dollars for all films and all showing all day and night on Tuesdays. How can I pass that up?

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He's probably right. But when he won awards for Brokeback Mountain, he was praised to the heavens in China, with just two little details missing: he's Taiwanese; and the movie featured a homosexual relationship, among other things. In fact it was banned on the mainland, so people reading about the award would have been puzzled that they were unable to watch. This shows very neatly and clearly how far the state-backed Chinese movie industry has to travel before it can be taken seriously.

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To my understanding the most popular pirated vids in China is Japanese anime so Hollywood should be concerned that they may see a very large rival in the Chinese market.

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If China's cinema booms, there will be great opportunities for actors to play heavies -- in particular brutal Japanese soldiers who impale babies on their bayonets and wicked western imperialists who post signs in their parks that read "Dogs and Chinese not allowed."

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Not surprising considering the CRAP that Hollywood churns out !

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On one hand this is probably right, the number of movie watchers in China will outstrip all other nations....provided there is no financial crisis that hinders the growing Chinese middle class. That unto itself is a good thing. But what's a bad thing is that China is a totalitarian dictatorship, and uses it's soft-power to achieve political and strategic goals. China forced the remake film Red Dawn to change the Chinese invaders to North Koreans. In The Martian the US is helped by China. Talk about brainwashing. The Russians are already working with the US and other nations. China is running it's own space program with Military goals. China's big aim to be able to knock out US satellites. Buying up Hollywood and influencing the minds and views of the adversary is part of their offensive. The CCP is the master of propaganda. Just watch Hua Chunying sometime for a good laugh.

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China limits the # of Hollywood films screened in China, so the earnings potential of Hollywood there would still be limited, no matter how large the market grows.

Meanwhile, most of the films in China stays primarily in China. Hollywood still earns much from all over the world. If China wants their films to be exportable around the globe, they have to make films that's to the world's tastes - however, they have not been particularly good at that (and that's where they've been seeking Hollywood's assistance).

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