China box office tops North American market in first quarter


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My family only sees 1-2 movies a year in a theatre. It is only "event movies" that we actually visit a theatre to enjoy.

Movies at home have lots of comforts that no theatre can match. This is common in the USA.

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Call me old-fashioned but nothing beats the communal experience of watching a film at the cinema. Be it a brand new blockbuster, an indie or a classic.

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Definitely Agree Toasted Hereitc. The theater experience and ritual is still something I enjoy fully.

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"Amazing China" has smashed box-office records for documentary films. Midday screenings during the week sold out immediately, suggesting either unquenchable public appetite or organized bulk ticket sales.

None of the viewers surveyed by the AP had purchased their own tickets. Instead, they got them from state-run companies, neighborhood committees or government departments that handed them out as part of their "party building work."

Douban, a popular film review website in China, blocked users from commenting on the movie.

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