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China denies entry to Disney's Winnie the Pooh film


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China got that right! Probably not for the right reasons though.

Disney's version of Milne's classic is cheap and nasty. Not a patch on EH Shepard's exquisitely beautiful illustrations.

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This is about the new live action film Christopher Robin, not the 2011 animation.

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I’d like to comment on such a sensitive topic, so I won’t.....

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Grest comment from final person in the article...internet

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The reason:

I especially like this one:

Kill two birds with one stone

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Xinjinpooh? No.

I haven't seen the movie... Are Disney stuffing it with SJW content? That could be the issue. Is Christopher Robin still heterosexual?

And with the tariff on US honey this could simply tie in with supply management.

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"It doesn't really matter what they do," said one anonymous Weibo user, "It's the internet, I can just pirate it anyway."

They had it on DVD before they even started making the film.

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Pooh looks absolutely hideous in this movie. China is luck they're not getting this.

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Not as bad graphically as the CGI Disney morning show about 5-10 years ago.

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(Continued) that version of Winnie the pooh.

Edit button please...

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china denies freedom. Why anyone deals with these scum of a government escapes me. I guess that says a lot about who's running my the planet.

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